1. The primary sysmptom of hypochondriasis is?
    D. Fear of currently having a disease
  2. Someone who presents with the following symptoms might have hypochondriasis.
    A. Interpreting momentary flutters in the stomach as a sign of illness.
  3. Choose the scenario that best demonstrates a somatization disorder.
    C. Sherry has physical complaints that have lasted at lest 10 years. Her symptoms include pain in her feet, hands, and neck; alternating diarrhea and constipation; difficulty walking. Sherry's physician cannot find any illness to account for her complaints.
  4. Hypochondriasis is related to _____________, whereas somatiozation disorderis linked to _____________.
    D. Anxiety disorder, antisocial personality disorder
  5. In factitious disorder:
    B. The individual is voluntarily producing the symptoms without any obvious financial or other external incentives.
  6. Jorge, a 19 year old male, was hospitalized after his legs collapsed under him while walking to class. He could not regain his stance and has been unable to walk since, although he desperatetly wants to walk again. A neurological exam revealed no medical problem. Jorge's behavior is comsistent with:
    B. Conversion disorder
  7. Mrs. Thompson brought her 4 year old daughter Carmen, to the emergency room, stating tht the child has been vomiting nonstop throughtout the morning. Carmem's condition improved over the course of several days. On the day of her discharge from the hospital, a nurse walked in as Mrs. Thompson was giving Carmen a drink of floor cleaner. Mrs. Thompson's behavior is constistent with:
    B. Munchausen syndrome by proxy
  8. __________ describes the experience of losing a sense of your own reality, whereas______ describes losing your sense of reality of the external world.
    A. Depersonalization, Derealization
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