Biology Organelles Functions to make Insulin

  1. What does the pancreas make?
  2. What does the Nucleus do?
    It directs the making of a protein, insulin, which controls blood sugar levels in your body.
  3. What does the DNA do?
    • It leaves the nucleus and goes to the ribosomes.
    • It contains instructions for making the insulin protein.
  4. What does the ribosome do?
    It makes the protein (insulin) that goes to the RER for transport.
  5. What does the RER do?
    It transports protein (insulin) to the Golgi Body.
  6. What does the Golgi Body do?
    It stores, modifies, and ships protein around the cell via a vesicle.
  7. What does the Vesicle do?
    It contains insulin, and fuses with the cell membrane and leaves the cell to be transported around the body via the blood and control blood sugar levels.
  8. What is the order that these things work?
    • Nucleus
    • DNA
    • Ribosomes
    • RER
    • Golgi Bodies
    • Vesicle
    • Cell Membrane
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Biology Organelles Functions to make Insulin