Crafts Quiz

  1. Crafts
    Art objects, often functional, that are made by hand
  2. Craftsmanship
    made neatly and carefully with skill
  3. loom
    any device on which one weaves
  4. weft
    the horizontal element in weaving
  5. warp
    the vertical element in weaving
  6. tabby weave
    a weave in which equal amounts of warp and weft show
  7. weaving
    when you take the weft over and under the warp to make an interlocking fabric
  8. inkle loom
    weave belts and long bands
  9. tapestry
    a weft-faced weave
  10. fiber
    an elongated thread-like material
  11. bas relief
    the french term for "low sculpture"
  12. fabric batik process
    the hot wax blocks out the dye; you dye from lightest to darkest
  13. coil baskets
    in the past, people made coil baskets with rags, needles, or long grasses
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