Therio, Q2, Goat/Sheep

  1. What are 4 ways to control the season/start of estrus of sheep reproduction?
    ram effect, light, progestins & eCG, melatonin
  2. What is one way to control the cycle in sheep?
  3. What are 4 ways to influence the ovulation rate in sheep?
    flushing, sponges & ecG, Fecundin, Booroola gene
  4. What is one way to control parturition in the sheep?
  5. What is a silent heat?
    • the first heat
    • no behavior signs
    • provides progesterone priming
  6. What is the ram effect? and how long must rams be absent for it to work?
    • brings a herd into cycling
    • 30 days
  7. What influences fecundity (amt of babies)?
    • number of ova shed at astrus
    • genotype, age, nutrition
  8. Is a first time sheep mom more likely to have twins?
    • no- rarely have twins in first pregnancy
    • (5-6 yr olds = greatest chance)
  9. What are the steps to influencing the amt of eggs with nutrition?
    Food/Glucose (hypothalamus pulse generator neurons) --> more insulin -->more gonadotrophins --> more oocytes
  10. In goats what are the 2 things that can control the cycle?
    • progestins
    • prostaglandins
  11. What are the 4 things in goats that can induce estrus/bring herd into season?
    • buck effect
    • light
    • progestins/FSH/eCG
    • GnRH
  12. What is twin lamb disease?
    • pregnancy toxemia
    • twins/triplets reduce the space rumen has so the mom becomes hypoglycemic
  13. What can be clinical signs in a sheep with pregnancy toxemia?
    • hypoglycemic ketosis from fat metabolism
    • CNS signs
    • acidosis
    • dehydration
    • renal failure
  14. When do we see pregnancy toxemia?
    Last 6 weeks of pregnancy
  15. How do we treat pregnancy toxemia?
    • glucose & electrolytes
    • glucocorticoids
    • insulin- so cells take up glucose
    • calcium
    • feed high energy diet
    • can be refractory
  16. What is a cloudburst in goats? and how do we diagnose and treat?
    • clouburst = pseudopregnancy
    • persistant CL- so in anestrus
    • uteruswith aseptic fluid
    • DX= by ultrasound (B mode)
    • TX= PGF2alpha
  17. A "female" goat diagnosed with intersex has what?
    • genetically a female (XX)
    • normal vulva but enlarged clitorus
    • short/atretic vagina
    • can have a short penis or testeovaries
  18. What breed of goats do we see intersex in?
    • Saanen (all white)
    • esp polled (no horns)
  19. Is intersex more likely to happen when both parent goats are polled?
    yes- so breed to horned bucks to avoid a problem
  20. Name some organisms that cause infectious abortions in sheep?
    • Chlamydia, Toxoplasmosis, Vibriosis
    • Salmonellosis, Listeria, Brucellosis
  21. How does infectious abortion in goats differ from abortion in sheep?
    • goats have similar abortion agents
    • less common than sheep
  22. What are the more important causes of abortion in goats (compared to sheep)?
    • Coxiellosis "Q fever"
    • Chlamydiosis
    • non-infectious are more important in goats
  23. What is stress abortion in goats? What breed?
    • Angoras
    • genetic adrenocortical problem
  24. Epididymitis in rams is due to what? what is affected?
    • Brucella ovis
    • Actinobacillus seminis
    • testes and tubules affected
  25. How long is the cycle in a sheep? in a goat?
    • sheep= 17 days
    • goat = 21 days
  26. Who gets false pregnancies- sheep or goats?
    goats only
  27. How is pregnancy maintained in the sheep?
    • placental progesterone
    • proportional to # of placentas
  28. How is pregnancy maintained in the goat?
    CL maintains pregnancy
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Therio, Q2, Goat/Sheep