5th grade review test 2

  1. abolitionists
    people who belived slavery should be against the law
  2. apprentice
    someone who works for another person in order to learn a trade
  3. assisted
  4. bondage
  5. captives
  6. conflict
    a struggle or war
  7. descent
    the fact of coming from particular ancesters
  8. dexterity
    skill in using the hands
  9. dread
    grim fear
  10.  encouraged
    gave support to someone's efforts or pains
  11. engaged
    drawn into conflict or battle
  12. enslavement
    the state of being owned and controlled by another person
  13. grapeshot
    a cluster of small iron balls
  14. hold
    the lower inside part of a ship 
  15. influential
    having the power to affect events or sway opinions
  16. languished
    suffered miserably
  17. privateers
    ships tht are privarely owned but are encouraged by the government to attack enemy ships during a war
  18. produce
    farm products, especially fruits and vegtables
  19. provisions
    stocks of food and other supplies
  20. tacking
    changing direction while sailing
  21. tentative
  22. traitors
    people who betray their country
  23. yellow fever
    a disease transmitted by mosquitos; the symptoms include high fever and vomiting
  24. arming
    providing with weapons
  25. arms
  26. drilling
    doing exercises to become efficiant soldiers
  27. english goods
    items of value brought from england
  28. fierce
  29. just
    honorable and fair
  30. kin
    people related by blood or marriage
  31. mill pond
    a small lake that has been created by damming up a stream raising the water level and providing power to run a mill
  32. peered
    looked at with concentration
  33. rebels
    people who oppose or defy the government
  34. seams
    lines formed by sewing two pieces of material together
  35. skirmish
    a small, short fight between enemies
  36. skittish
    nervous and jumpy
  37. bookplates
    labels posted inside books that show the owners name
  38. cargo
    the freight carried by a ship or other vehicle
  39. coattails
    loose rear flaps of a coat that hang below the waist
  40. colonies
    territories governed by a parent country;the name for the 13 colonies
  41. congregation
    a group of people that regularly worship at a church
  42. discomfort
    a feeling of uneasiness
  43. dispatched
    sent off to a specific location
  44. doodling
    scribbling aimlessly
  45. engraved
    carved, cut or etched into a material
  46. ewers
    large, wide-mouthed pitchers or jugs
  47. express
    fast, direct, and often nonstop
  48. foundry
    a place where metals are cast and molded
  49. galloped
    caused a horse to go quickly
  50. green
    a grassy area usually located in the center of a town or city
  51. liberty
    the right to act as one chooses; freedom from control of others
  52. lines
    battle areas closest to the enemy
  53. militia
    an army of citizens who are not professional soldiers
  54. oppose
    to act against something or someone
  55. overtake
    to catch up with
  56. Patriot
    a person who loves and defends his or her country; a colonist against British rule during the American Revolution
  57. petticoat
    a skirt or slip worn by girls and women as an undergarment
  58. porringers
    shallow cups or bowls with handles
  59. portraits
    likeness of a person; especially ones showing the face
  60. sentries
    soldiers who stand at watch for danger or for people without permission to pass
  61. sheathing
    a protective covering on the underwater part of a ship's hull
  62. spurs
    short spikes or sharp-toothed wheels attached to the heel of a rider's boots and used to urge a horse forward
  63. steeple
    a tall tower rising from the roof of a church or other building
  64. succession
    a sequence
  65. taxes
    fees for the support of government required to be paid by people and businesses
  66. transport
    a ship used to carry troops or military equipment from one place to another
  67. volley
    many shots fired at one time
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