Linker Reaction and the CAC

  1. __ diffuses from the __ into the __.
    __ itself does not enter hte __. It undergoes some chemical grooming first. 
    • pyruvate
    • cytosol
    • mitochondria
    • pyruvate
    • Krebs cycle
  2. Several things happen in the linker reaction. Explain
    • a carbon atom is removed from pyruvate adn released as CO2, leaving a two carbon fragment
    • Pyruvate is oxidized while NAD+ is reduced to NADH, storing energy
    • A compound called coenzyme A, derived from a B vitamin, joins with the two carbon fragment remaining from pyruvate to form a molecule called acetyl CoA. It is the two carbon acetyl fragment that enters the cycle
  3. The linker reaction will not occur under what circumstance?
    if O2 is not present, even though it isn't used
  4. Net gain of linker reaction
    • 2 acetyl CoA
    • 2 CO2
    • 2 NADH
  5. Krebs Cycle location
  6. Krebs cycle starts with __ joining with __ to form __. The remaining eight reactions serve what purpose?
    • acetyl COA 
    • oxaloacetate
    • citric acid
    • regenerating oxaloacetic acid at beginning, resulting in a cycle
  7. The nine reactions complete hte __, producing __ per glucose.
    • oxidation of glucose to CO2 and H2O
    • four CO2
  8. Because __ and __ contain much less energy than __, energy is released and is used to make three different high energy molecules.
    • CO2
    • H2O
    • acetyl CoA
    • ATP, which can directly be used
    • NADH and FADH, which shuttle electrons to the ETC
  9. The series of reactions in the Krebs cycle will not occur under what circumstances?
    if O2 is not present, even thouogh it's not used in the reactions
  10. Net gain of cell per glucose molecule in CAC
    • 2 ATP
    • 6 NADH
    • 2 FADH2
    • 4 CO2
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