Splic & Editi

  1. Exons are coding/functional regions that are...
  2. Introns are nonfunctional..
  3. eukaryotic nuclear mRNA contain many ....
  4. Splicing has to be precise or else...
    another protein will be made
  5. Splicing often requires...
    Open Reading Frames (ORF)
  6. B-thalassemia is when..
    not enough b-globin is made -> anemia
  7. B-thalassemia may result because of a..
    single nucleotide change that causes a change in splicing
  8. Cis elements are the sequecnes that are...
  9. What are the two very highly conserved splice sites?
    GU and A
  10. R = ?
  11. Y=?
  12. What are the two major trans factors?
    • 5R Proteins (ser-arg)
    • sn RNPs
  13. What lets the nucleus know where the exon is?
    5R proteins
  14. snRNPs recognize ...
    introns and 5R proteins
  15. what makes up spliceosome that splices pre-mRNA befor it leaves the nucleus?
    5R proteins
  16. Splicing in the nucleus can be ____ or ___transcriptional
    co or post
  17. Splicing is RNA ______, which involves 2 transesterifications.
  18. what is the benefit of RNA splicing?
    no energy required for the chemical reaction (but trans factors need energy)
  19. 2 OH' is necessary for ______ because 2' deoxy won't work.
  20. There is a nucleophilic attack of hydroxyl A on the....
    branch pt. to phosphate
  21. the branch point connects the 5' A, the 3' O on phosphate and the 2' oh to create a ...
    lancet/lasso intron
  22. What are the 6 steps in splicing?
    • 1) 5R proteins define exons
    • 2) U1 snRNP binds (proteins associated with 5R proteins and U1 RNA BPs at 5' splice junction of intron)
    • 3) U2 snRNP Associates snRNP base pairs around branch point A (which is never base paired)
    • 4) Triple snRNP associate with proteins around there, but mostly introns (U4/U6 snRNP: U4 bps to U6 near 3' of 5' exon and U5 snRNP: binds on intron close to 3' exon)
    • 5) U4 unwindes from U6 (catalytic RNA that stars chemical mechanism)
    • 6) Splicing begins
  23. U3 not icluded in splicing because it is used for...
    RNA processing
  24. Alternative splicing does most regulation thru...
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