1. Medulla Oblongata
    • Regulates many of the many of the Autonomic Functions that sustain life
    • Heart rate
    • Breathing
    • Blood pressure
  2. Pons
    • Assists medulla in regulation of breathing
    • Connects the Cerebellum to the rest of the brain
    • Has reflex center for head movements
    • Relating to visual and/or auditory stimuli
  3. Midbrain
    • Relays information between Cerebrum and the Cerebellum, Cerebrum and the spinal cord
    • Has reflex centers relating to visual/auditory/tactile stimuli
  4. Hypothalamus
    • Maintains homeostasis
    • Regulates hunger, sleep, thirst
    • Control Pituitary Gland - link between nervous and endocrine (激素分泌) system
    • Forms floor of third ventricle
  5. Thalamus
    • Relay station for sensory information
    • Receive all info (except for small)
    • Send to the correct portion of the cerebrum
    • (Last place for sensory input)
  6. Limbic System
    -mammillary bodies
    -cingulate gyrus
    -fornix (fibertract) --> between the connection of hippocampus and mammillary body
    • Emotions and Learning
    • Serve as "information filter"
  7. Cerebrospinal Fluid
    -clear tissue fluid
    • Protective cushion within the CNS
    • Supply nutrients and filters waste
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