APUSH Chapter 11

  1. Created by Emerson, an itellectual movement that began in New England. Linked to Romantisicm. Idea of radically free individual. 
  2. transcendentalism
  3. Denomination of Christianity, believed God was a single being. Rejected the trinity. 
  4. Settlements in rural areas of the Northeast and Midweast. Utopias that included common ownership of property and unconventional forms of marriage and family life. Challanged capatalist values. 
  5. First succesful communal movement. Named for estatic dance that were part of their worship. 
  6. A highly successful settlement of Perfectionists, complex marragies. Created by Noyes. Equality of the sexes. 
    Onedia Community
  7. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Conservative Utopians. Founded by Joesph Smith Jr. Justified Polygamy. Salt Lake City. 
  8. Performed by white actors in blackface, complex blend of racist caricature and social criticism. (Made fun of people) sterotypes
    Minstrel Shows
  9. Bloody revolt by slave Nat Turner. Shook the south. 
    Turners Rebellion
  10. A movement to end slavery. 
  11. An anitslavery weekly paper. Founded in New England. 
    The Liberator 
  12. Group formed by abolishonest attempting to end slavery. 
    American Anit Slavery Society. 
  13. Veiw of Fowler. That women had no politcal or power roles. 
    Seperate Sphere
  14. Influenctial womens rights convention. Started with property rights. 
    Seneca Falls Convention 
  15. he principal author of the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments was Elizabeth Cady Stanon. The document was the "grand basis for attaining the civil, social, political, and religious rights of women.
    Declaration of Sentiments
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