Chapter 4

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  1. What is a vascular plant?
    A plant that has tubes.
  2. Where do vascular plants live?
  3. What are some examples of vascular plants?
    • Trees
    • Flowers
    • Cacti
  4. What does a vascular plant have?
    • Roots
    • Stems
    • Leavers
  5. What are some areas vascular plants are found in?
    • Dry Deserts
    • Wet Jungles
    • Cold Arctic Plains
  6. What are some different types of roots?
    • Prop Roots
    • Fibrous Roots
    • Tap Roots
  7. What is a Prop Root?
    Prop Roots begin on top of the ground. Trees that grow in loose, wet soil have Prop Roots to keep them from blowing down.
  8. What is a Fibrous Root?
    Fibrous Roots look like tree branches. They grow in thick, tangled mats that help prevent soil erosion.
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