touching spirit beat vocab list #2

  1. gorge
    a narrow passage with steep rocky walls
  2. boughs
    branches of a tree
  3. hoarse
    harsh in sound; haveing a rough voice
  4. totem
    an object (animal or plant) that is represented
  5. rummage
    to make trough a search by moving things around
  6. sheath
    a case for the blade of a knife
  7. dwalded
    to spend time wastfully; idle
  8. ancestor
    one from whom an induvidual is decended
  9. reliquish
    to release control of; to,let go
  10. monotonus
    lack of veriety; tiresom sameness
  11. breaching
    to leap out of the water
  12. inevitable
    certain to happen
  13. redemption
    to make something bad into some thing good
  14. stifle
    to keep something happen with deliberate effort
  15. ingenuilty
    showing cleverness of skill
  16. pummeled
    to pound or beat
  17. treacherous
  18. trawler
    a vessel used for fishing
  19. mesmerize
    to facinate
  20. coax
    to influence or gently urge a person into doing something
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touching spirit beat vocab list #2
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