Development of Modernist Art (part 2)

  1. Image Upload 2
    • Impression: Sunrise
    • Artist: Monet
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • clearly seen brushstorkes
    • no attmpt to make it optically accurate
    • some attempt to blend paint
    • subjective and personal response to nature of the artist
  2. Image Upload 4
    • Sainte-Lazare Train Station
    • Artist: Monet
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • centrally located
    • energy filled
    • train emerges from the steam and the smoke
    • tall buildings in background = urbanization, part of Parisian landscape
    • agitated paint application - short and choppy brushstrokes
    • constantly moving
  3. Image Upload 6
    • Rouen Cathedral
    • Artist: Monet
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • series of about 40 different times of the day
    • trying to capture the passing of time
    • trying to capture light and color - painting colored light*
    • how light dematerializes solid structure
    • graduated tones as they caress the building- destroying form and order for fleeting atmospheric effect
  4. Image Upload 8
    • Water Lilies
    • Artist: Monet
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • capture reflecting, shimmering light
    • different times of day and different images
    • not meant to distinguish between lillies and reflection
    • some have the actual nature next to the reflected nature
    • short choppy brush strokes
  5. Image Upload 10
    • Paris: A Rainy Day
    • Artist: Caillebotte
    • Era: La Place du Theatre Francais
    • Techniques:
    • a lot sharper than Monet
    • significant to the development of Paris
    • junction of spacious boulevards as a result of the redesign of Paris beginning in 1892
    • mid-century Paris had 1.5 million people so Napoleon ordered that it be redesigned
    • wanted to facilitate the movement of his troops in case of revolution
    • Haussman - city superintendent to oversee the entire project - Haussmanization
    • sewers, wide boulevards, streetlights, new buildings - symbols of urbanization
    • demolished thousands of ancient buildings and streets
    • wanted open vistas and wide uninterrupted arteries
    • use of informal and assymetrical composition
    • figures that seem randomly placed - some are cropped to suggest the transitory nature of the scene-
    • rying to capture the impression of urban city life
    • shows well-dressed Parisians
    • sharing the viewer's space
    • atmospheric condiditions - captures cobblestone street filled with water to capture light and color
  6. Image Upload 12
    • La Place du Theatre Francais
    • Artist: Pissaro
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • panoramic scenes capturing spacious boulevards
    • light toned backgrounds - streets with dark accents
    • lots of room for pedestrians
    • how light is a fugitive and how the colors change according to how the light reflects off of it
    • light is part of the busy energy of Paris
    • deliberate causalness of figural arrangement
    • sense of motion, alters color of pavement to show motion
  7. Image Upload 14
    • Le Moulin de la Galette
    • Artist: Renoir
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • outdoor cafe/dance hall
    • lively atmosphere
    • movement of lighting filtering through the trees
    • light blurring into figures createing fleeting light
    • space spreads out in all direction- casually posed figures
    • viewer is a participant because frame is cropped- blues and oranges - repeats colors to move eye
    • gentle loose brushstrokes
    • lots of white
    • emphasis on texture
  8. Image Upload 16
    • Luncheon of the Boating Party, Bougival
    • Artist: Renoir
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • young women with dog is Renoir's fiance
    • free brushstrokes which helps reflect light
    • composition controlled by underlying geometry - contrast to impressionism
    • figures are very informal
  9. Image Upload 18
    • A Bar at the Follies Bergere
    • Artist: Manet
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • cafe concert hall
    • urban life was stagnant
    • bartender is not lively, vacant - become part of still-life in foreground
    • her sillhouette mimicks bottles and fruit bowls
    • roughly applied brushtrokes in background - relect light
    • chandeliers reflect light in hazy quality
    • ligth dominates the piece how it reflects off of bottles and in mirror
    • flat plane with patches of color
    • bar is set frontal and horizontal and is slightly angled to get the reflection of the woman
  10. Image Upload 20
    • Ballet Rehearsal
    • Artist: Degas
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • frame cuts off spiral staircase and ballerinas - brings viewer into space
    • windows in background create dancing shadows
    • groups of figures
    • more open space in center so that we can focus on lighting and color
    • diagonals in floor boards create movement, spontaneous, and off-center
    • capture colored light
    • rapid brush strokes
    • faces seem blurred or hazy
  11. Image Upload 22
    • The Tub
    • Artist: Degas
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • pastels, dry - rougher texture
    • rapid and informal action with the use of dry pastels, linear hatching
    • importance of line
    • structure is almost geometric
    • body in circle in square
    • shelf is sharply tilted- little bit of foreshortening
    • tension between 2-dimensional surface area and 3-dimensional depth
    • not a lot of volume of figure
    • shimmery colors
    • colors are still autonomous and others are blended
  12. Image Upload 24
    • The Morning Bath
    • Artist: Degas
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • simple line
    • contour of spine is one easy line that defines her form
    • areas of shade and color
    • continuous curve broken by the line of the tub
    • diagonal of bed influenced by angles and planes of Japanese prints
    • lighting
  13. Image Upload 26
    • Villa at the Seaside
    • Artist: Morisot
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • setting is a shaded veranda
    • elegant but not ostentatious dress
    • gazing out the railing to a sunlit beach below
    • beach dotted with umbrellas
    • child has discarded a boat that is dominantly red and draws attention to boats in back
    • mood is relaxed
    • open brushwork
    • outdoor painting to capture light - pleinair painting - lighting is characteristic of Impressionism - more outdoor scenes
    • no lingering contours or details
    • soft focus
  14. Image Upload 28
    • The Bath
    • Artist: Cassat
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • child's feet underwater
    • tenderness between mother and child
    • looking down on image - Japanese print influence
    • mother is protecting her child due to her position
    • diagonals in the position of the woman and the stripes of her clothing
    • floral print
    • oriental rug alludes to influence of Japanese prints
    • space is light because of lighting on child
  15. Image Upload 30
    • Nocturne in Blue and Gold
    • Artist: Whistler
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • see very little objects because we're so close to pylon of pedestrian bridge
    • night time scene - not typical of Impressionism
    • touches of yellow and red in buildings and fireworks
    • elegantly simple color harmony
    • hazy silhouettes
    • calm water reflects buildings and light
  16. Image Upload 32
    • The Falling Rocket
    • Artist: Whistler
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
    • see very little objects
    • night time scene - not typical of Impressionism
    • touches of yellow and red in expolsion
    • elegantly simple color harmony
    • hazy silhouettes
    • calm water reflects light
  17. Image Upload 34
    • Arrangement in Black and Gray: The Artist's Mother
    • Artist: Whistle
    • Era: Impressionism
    • Techniques:
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