med chem test 3 thrombotic agents

  1. normal mechanism in the human body that helps to regulate coagulation by dissolving blood clots that might form
    serine protease that converts plasminogen to plasmin
    tissue plasminogen activator (TPA)
  2. thrombotic agent used for acute ischemic stroke and frost bite
    NOT hemorrhagic stroke
    needs to be infused very slowly
    alteplase, recombinant - activase
  3. thrombotic agent
    infused IV bolus over 5 seconds
    tenectaplase recombinant - TNKase
  4. thrombotic agent used for occluded AV canulae
    anaphylaxis from foreign substance
    Streptokinase - kabikinase, streptase
  5. thrombotic agent used for IV catherter clearance
    human kidney cell culture source
    urokinase - abbokinase
  6. misc. cardiovascular agent for sickle cell disease, intermittant claudication
    inhibits erythrocyte phosphodiesterase increasing cAMP
    pentoxifylline - trental
  7. misc. cardiovascular agent for hyperkalemia
    sodium polystyrene sulfonate resin - SPS, kayexelate
  8. misc. cardiovascular agent for hypercalcemia
    • edetate disodium - endrate
    • EDTA
  9. misc. cardiovascular agent for hypervolemic and euvolemic hyponatremia
    oral selective vasopressin receptor antagonist - aquaresis
    tolvaptan - SAMSCA
  10. misc. cardiovascular agent for the treatment of varicose veins
    a non-ionic detergent
    polidocanol - asclera
  11. erectile dysfunction agent
    inhibits cGMP phosphodiesterase 5
    metabolized by CYP3A4
    Ccr needs to be > 30ml/min
    abnormal color vision, sudden hearing loss and tinnitus
    known QT elongation
    • sildenafil citrate - viagra
    • varenafil HCl - levitra
  12. erectile dsyfunction agent
    10000 times more selectie foe PDE5
    tadalfil - cialis
  13. erectile dysfunction agent
    onset of 15 minutes
    avanifil - strendra
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