1. What year did Phineas's accident happen?
    In Canvendish, Vermont 1848
  2. When does Phineas go to Harvard?
    In January 1850.
  3. What are " Whole Brainers"?
    Whole Brainers believed that your brain is all connected as one. Dr. Bigelow believed this.
  4. What are "Localizers"?
    Localizers believed that every part of the brain controls different things. Dr. Harlow believed this.
  5. Who is Hannah?
    Hannah is Phineas's mom.
  6. Who is Pheobe?
    Pheobe is Phineas's sister.
  7. Who is David Shadick?
    Pheobe's husband.
  8. When does Phineas leave New England to go to Chile to be a stagecoach driver?
    August 1852.
  9. When does Phineas go to Pheobe's house in San Fransico?
    In 1859.
  10. When, where, and why did Phineas die?
    He died because of his seizures on May 21, 1860 at Pheobe's house. He is then buried at Laurel Hill cemetery ( in San Fransico).
  11. When was his grave dug up by Dr. Stillman and why?
    His grave is dug up in 1868 because Dr. Stillman wanted to get his skull and Tamping Iron.
  12. When was the last time Phineas's skull was lent?
    The last time was in 1998 because it was the 100th anniversary of the accident and the skull was taken to a special memorial in Vermont.
  13. Where did the Tamping Iron end up?
    It ended up in Harvard Medical Center in Boston.
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