O-chem glossary (6)

  1. glycogen
    the main carb reservoir in animals
  2. nucleotide
    the fundamental unit of DNA and RNA. Made up of a nitrogen containing organic base, a 5-carbon sugar and a phosphate group.
  3. name two types of proteins
    fibrous (provide structure and strenght, hair etc) and globular (the worker molecules of the body)
  4. name two types of secondary protein structure
    alpha-helical and pleated sheet
  5. antibody
    a special protein synthesized in response to foreign substances
  6. Do amino acids neutralise acids or bases?
    Both - they contain both a weak acid and a weak base group.
  7. name the 5 organic bases in DNA and RNA
    thyamine (DNA only), uracil (RNA only), cytosine, adenine, guanine
  8. triglyceride
    consists of glycerol (with 3 -OH substituents) and 3 fatty acid molecules attached by ester linkages. 
  9. soap
    the salt of a long chain fatty acid
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O-chem glossary (6)