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  1. What 5 components are included on the mental status exam?
    • 1. General description
    • 2. Emotional State
    • 3. Perceptions
    • 4. Thinking
    • 5. Sensorium and Cognition
  2. What is overgeneralization?
    Draws conclusions about things based on one single event.
  3. What is personalization?
    Takes things personally when it is unjustified.
  4. What is dichotomous thinking?
    Black and white. Good or bad.
  5. What is catastrophizing?
    Thinking the worst will happen or the situation is worse than it is. Negative thinking.
  6. What is selective abstraction?
    Getting caught up in the details and not considering all of the relevant information.
  7. What is arbitrary inference?
    A negative conclusion formed without data to support it.
  8. What is mind reading?
    Believing you know what others are thinking without checking it out.
  9. What is magnification/minimization?
    Exaggerating or minimizing an event's importance.
  10. What is perfectionism?
    To feel good about themselves, they must do everything perfectly.
  11. What is externalization of self-worth?
    Basing one's value on another's approval.
  12. Which benzos are most addictive?
    xanax, valium, atavan
  13. What is the definition of mild anxiety?
    • occurs in day to day living
    • motivates learning and produces growth and creativity
    • does not affect perception and taking in information
  14. What is moderate anxiety?
    • person focuses only on immediate concerns
    • perceptual field narrowed
    • blocks out selected areas
    • can attend to more areas if directed to
  15. What is severe anxiety?
    • significant redux in perceptual field
    • focus only on specific detail
    • behavior aimed at relieving anxiety
    • needs direction to focus on other areas
  16. What 4 factors do you assess with anxiety?
    • cognitive response-thinking ability, perceptual field, flight of ideas, etc.
    • Affective responses-feelings, heart racing, pit in stomach, dread, terror, etc.
    • Behavioral responses-agitated, restless, pacing, fidgeting, moving hands constantly, sighing, etc.
    • Body response-sympathetic response
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