1. What are the weakest parts of the clavical?
    • - The apex
    • - THe junction between the two curves of the bone.
  2. How many muscles are attached to the clavical.
    • - 5
    • - Trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, deltoid, pectoral major, 
  3. How many joints does the clavical have? With what bones?
    • - 2 joints: Sternoclavicular joint / acromioclavicular
    • - Sternum / scapula
  4. What is joint between the acromion and clavicle?
    acromioclavicular joint
  5. What is the characteristic of trauma to cause a fracture of the clavical?
    - Fall on outstretched hands (indirect)
  6. How does the scapula hang along with the thoracic cage?
    It is not part of the thoracic cage
  7. How many joints does the scapula have?
    3: acromioclavicular, glenohumeral, coracoclavicular
  8. How many processes does the scapula have?
    3: spine acromin, coracoid
  9. How many fossae does the scapula have?
    3: supraspinous, infraspinous, subscapularous 
  10. What is the glenoidal labrum for?
    Deepens the articular cavity
  11. How many muscle attachments does the scapula have?
  12. How many necks does the humerus have?
    2: Anatomical and surgical neck
  13. What neck is clinically important?
    surgical- fracture site
  14. What structure is running through the intertubercular groove?
    Also named the Bicipital groove: tendon of the long head of the biceps.
  15. How many muscles attach to the greater tubercle?
    • - Supraspinatus
    • - Infraspinatus
    • - Teres Minor
  16. How many muscles attach to the lesser tubercle?
    1: subscapularis
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