Research midterm

  1. What are the three components of Evidence-Based Chiropractic?
    • Best research evidence
    • Patient preferences
    • Clinical expertise
  2. What are the five A's of EBP?
    • Ask a question / formulate hypothesis
    • Access the literature
    • Appraise the evidence
    • Apply the results
    • Assess the outcome
  3. What is the acronim for Ask a question?
    • P-patient problem
    • I-Intervention you are interested in
    • C- Comparisons you are making
    • O-Outcomes you are looking for
  4. What are the three ways of knowing stuff?
    • Intuition -sudden insight
    • Tradition - learned from past
    • Authority - reliability of the source
  5. What is a null hypothesis?
    no relationship between or among variables
  6. What is an alternate hypothesis?
    There is a relationship among variables
  7. What is validity?
    Degree to which a test actually measures what it was intended to measure
  8. What is reliability?
    Ability for experiment and results to be replicated
  9. What is the order of evidence from top to bottom?
    • Systematic reviews
    • RCT's
    • Cohort studies
    • Case-control studies
    • Case series
    • Case reports
    • Editorials and opinions
    • Animal research and laboratory studies
  10. What does RCT stand for?
    Randomized controlled trial
  11. What are the two main components of RCT's?
    • A treatment and control group
    • Random assignment of patients to groups
  12. Define Evidence?
    Any emperical (gained through the senses) observation used to demonstrate truth of an assertion or support a hypothesis
  13. What do stats test?
    • Role of chance as explanation¬†
    • infer truth
  14. What letter is sample sixe assigned?
    sample size = n
  15. what P-value indicates significant results?
    p<(or equal to) 0.05
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