Health Chp. 11 Vocab

  1. metabolism
    the processes by which the body breaks down substances and gets energy from food
  2. overweight
    heavier than the standard weight range for your height
  3. Body Mass Index (BMI)
    a measure of body weight relative to height
  4. obese
    having an excess of body fat
  5. underweight
    below the standard weight range for your height
  6. body image
    the way you see your body
  7. fad diet
    weight-loss plans that end to be popular for only a short time
  8. weight cycling
    a repeated pattern of losing and regaining body weight
  9. anorexia nervosa
    an eating disorder in which an irrational fear of weight gain leads people to starve themselves
  10. eating disorders
    extreme, harmful eating behaviors that can cause serious illness or even death
  11. binge eating disorder
    an eating disorder in which people overeat compulsively
  12. bulimia nervosa
    an eating disorder that involves cycles of overeating and purging, or attempts to rid the body of food
  13. dietary supplements
    products that supply one or more nutrients as a supplement to, not as a substitute for, healthful foods
  14. vegetarian
    a person who eats mostly, or only, plant-based foods
  15. performance enhancers
    substitutes that boost athletic ability
  16. herbal supplements
    dietary supplements containing plant extracts
  17. megadose
    very large amount
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Health Chp. 11 Vocab
Health Chp. 11 Vocab