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  1. Transcontinental Railroad
    Meant to connect the Easter Us to the West
  2. Exoduster
    Former slaves who migrated in large numbers to Kansas
  3. What are some hardships on the plains?
    • Severe winters
    • Dry climate
    • swarming grasshoppers
  4. Homestead Act
    The government encouraged settlers to move onto the Plains by passing this act
  5. What did leaders like Cheif Jospeh and Geronimo do?
    They resisted governments attempts to force them onto reservations
  6. What happened on cattle drives?
    Cowhands might have to load cattle onto railroad cars, to be shipped east.
  7. What was a benefit of the transcontinental railroad?
    Supplies and mail moved more quickly and cheaply.
  8. Why was the National Grange set up?
    To boost farm profit and lower shipping charges for grain
  9. The Dawes Act
    The Indians believed the land should be shared, not divided into parcels
  10. Why did settlers and Plains Indians come into conflict?
    Settlers ignored treaties protecting Indian lands
  11. What happened at the Battle of Little Bighorn?
    Colonel George A. Custer was defeated by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse
  12. Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851
    Asked Native American nations to keep to limited areas that would be theirs forever.
  13. Information about the American Cowboy
    • Also known as cowhands
    • Adopted their clothing from vaqueros
  14. Why did Railroad Companies hire immigrants to build the railroad?
    The labor was scarce and the pay was low
  15. What happened once the Plains Indians tamed Wild Horses?
    They came to depend on the buffalo for their way of life
  16. Plessy v. Ferguson
    The Supreme Court ruled that segregation was legal where there are seperate but equal facilities
  17. What was the goal of the Ku Klux Klan?
    They wanted to keep blacks out of office
  18. What did the Reconstruction Act of 1867 state?
    All Southern states had to ratify the 14th amendment in order to join the Union
  19. What did the 14th Amendment state?
    All persons born in the United States were citizens
  20. What did the Freedmans Bureau do for newly freed slaves?
    • Provided Food
    • Clothing
    • Schools
    • Medical Care
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