Course 14 (Block 1)

  1. Having a sense of duty towards society best describes which characteristic of profession?
    * Distinct Subculture
    * Public Service
    * Body of Theory & Knowledge
    Public Service Orientation
  2. Accepted values, norms, and symbols are indicative of which characteristic of a profession?
    Distinct Sub-Culture
  3. Which response BEST describes the attribute of professional character?
    * applying professional knowledge & theory to given situations.
    * enforcing the minimum measures of performance & behaviors.
    * exhibiting emotional, moral, & intellectual qualities & behaviors.
    exhibiting emotional, moral, & intellectual qualities & behaviors.
  4. Which of the following provides a framework for continuous professional growth? 
    * Unlimited Liability Clause
    * Enlisted Force Structure
    * Oath of Enlistment
    Enlisted Force Structure
  5. Which of these factors is not a regional problem impacting US foreign policy?
    Arms Control
  6. Which of these issues is not a factor ompacting US foreign policy in the Third World?
    Access to oil
  7. Competing and cooperating economically is a US foreign policy objective in Europe. Which of the following choices is another?
    Maintain the balance of power.
  8. Which US foreign policy objective is MOST LIKELY to deal effectively with the breakup of the Soviet Union?
    Maintain balance of power.
  9. Which is a problem impacting US foreign policy in the Middle East?
    * Regional Stability
    * Oil
    * Arab - Israeli Conflict
    * All
  10. Where is security of sea lines of communication (SLOC's) a problem impacting US foreign policy?
    Third World
  11. Which of the following impacts foreign policy in the Middle East?
    Regional stability
  12. Which of the following is the greatest problem impacting US foreign policy in Asia?
    Maintaining a security balance without war.
  13. Define Battlefield Strategy
    Employing battle forces.
  14. Define Operational Strategy.
    Planning, orchestrating, & directing campaigns
  15. Define Grand Strategy
    Coordinating the development and use of national power instruments.
  16. Define Military Strategy.
    Coordinating the development, deployment, and employment of forces.
  17. Which of the following was the first enlisted airman to receive the Medal of Honor?
    Sgt Maynard H. Smith
  18. Which of the following received the Medal of Honor for throwing out a faulty phosphorous bomb over the skies of Koriyama, Japan?
    SSgt Henry E. Erwin
  19. Which of the following became the lowest ranking airman in history to earn the Medal of Honor?
    A1C John L. Levitow
  20. Which two Medal of Honor recipients received there honor posthumously?
    SSgt Archibald Mathies / A1C William H. Pitsenbarger
  21. Which of the following received the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions during a mission over Bremen, Germany?
    TSgt Forrest L. Vosler
  22. Which article within the code of conduct requires a captured airman to try to escape?
    Article 3
  23. Which code of conduct article stipulates we must be prepared to give our life for the defense of our country?
    Article 1
  24. According to article 5, if you are captured what information are you required to provide to the enemy?
    Name, rank, service number, date of birth
  25. What article reminds us that we are responsible for our actions during captivity?
    Article 6
  26. What article requires an individual to take command if senior in rank?
    Article 4
  27. Article 2 stipulates that surrender is an option when?
    further fighting would lead to death with no significant enemy losses.
  28. Which of the following is the only museum dedicated to the accomplishments of our enlisted corps? 
    Enlisted Heritage Hall
  29. Paving the way for approximately 3,000 enlisted aviators, who was the first enlisted pilot?
    Sgt Vernon Burge
  30. Flying fo r the French Air Corps, who became the world's first black pilot?
    Cpl Eugene Bullard
  31. Which institutions were founded for the purposes of awarding college credit for job training and advanced management training for the enlisted corps?
    AF Senior NCO Academy / Comm. College of the AF.
  32. Name the individual to score the first of only two aerial kills ever from a B-52 during Operation Linebacker II in Vietnam.
    SSgt Samuel Turner
  33. Virtually all enlisted airman provide this distinctive capability.
    Agile Combat Support
  34. Protection of life, property, and preservation of peace, order and public safety = Which ANG role?
    ANG's State Role
  35. Augment major commands of the Active AF = Which ANG role?
    ANG's Federal Role
  36. Firefighting, regional emergencies, counter-drug operations = Which ANG role?
    ANG State Mission
  37. The Air Reserve Technician Program ...
    Provides a permanent cadre of civilian technicians ready for instant mobilization.
  38. ________ automatically enlisted al able-bodied men between 18 - 45 into hometown armed service.
    The militia act of 1972
  39. _______ established ready, standby, and retired reservist categories.
    The Armed Forces Reserve Act
  40. Which of the following is NOT categorized as a AFR special mission? 
    Aerial Refueling
  41. Which of the following is not categorized as a mission of the AFR?
    Weather Reconnaissance
  42. Which AFR mission is responsible for providing intra/inter theater air medical movements?
    Aeromedical Evacuation Mission
  43. Name the two types of reserve CE units.
    RED HORSE / Prime BEEF
  44. Which AFR special mission includes activities such as unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense and psychological operations?
    Special Operations
  45. Einstein sending a letter to the president, Mahattan Project, Little Boy, and Fat Man are examples of
    Pre-cold war history of nuclear weapons
  46. Soviets ended the US nuclear monopoly in:
  47. The 13-day strategic chess match between the US and Soviet Union resulted in the :
    Cuban Missile Crisis
  48. The stand up of the ACC signaled the
    End of the Cold War
  49. People, organizations, processes, procedures, and systems are BEST described as:
    Components of the nuclear enterprise.
  50. AF Global Strike Command stood up in ____ and is located at _____.
    2009, Barksdale AFB
  51. Responsive to national leadership, continuously on alert, and deployed to widely dispersed locations BEST describes:
    20th Air Force's ICBM's
  52. WSA, PNAF, and WS3 are BEST described as:
    Nuclear Mission Areas
  53. Heavily secured area within base perimeter, six above ground, and one underground and igloos BEST describe:
    Weapons Storage Areas
  54. Functions that provide peacetime support of logistical airlift for nuclear weapons and requires specially trained aircrews BEST describe:
    Prime Nuclear Airlift Forces
  55. Electronic monitoring and controls, storage vaults built into the floor, reduced need for convoys, and eliminates exposure BEST describe:
    Weapons Storage & Security Systems
  56. Underground structure, blast and pressure detected, capable of launching 50 missiles BEST describes:
    Missile Launch Control Facilities
  57. Vertical cylindrical container, protected by blast door on top, and multiple missile fields BEST describes:
    Missile Silos
  58. The materiel, personnel, and procedures that contribute to the dafety, security, reliability, and control of nuclear weapons, this assuring that no nuclear accidents, incidents, unauthorized detonations, or degradation in performance occur is BEST described as the definition of:
    Nuclear Surety
  59. The application of engineering and management priniciples, criteria, and techniques to protect nuclear weapons against the risks and threats inherent in their environments within the constraints of operatioal effectiveness, time, and cost throughout all phases of their life cycle is BEST described as the definition of:
    Nuclear Weapons Systems Safety
  60. The total s[ectrum of procedures, facilities, equipment, and personnel employed to provide protection against loss of custody, theft, or diversion of a nuclear weapon system; protection against unauthorized acess; or protection against unauthorized actions, vandallism, sabotage, and malevolent damage is BEST described as the definition of:
    Nuclear Weapons Security
  61. Deny unauthorized access to nuclear weapons; prevent damage or sabotage to nuclear weapons; prevent loss of custody; and prevent, to the max extent possibe, radiological contamination caused by unauthorized acts is BEST described as the definition of:
    Nuclear Weapons Security Standard
  62. The probablility, without regard to countermeasures, that a nuclear weapon, subassembly, component, or other part will perform in accordance with its design intent or requirements is BEST described as the definition of:
    Weapons System Reliability
  63. DoD psychological evaluation program instituted during the COld War that assists organizational leadesr in the selection and retention of only those personnel who are emotionally stable, physically capable. and who have demonstrated reliability, and professional competence is BEST described as the definition of:  
    Personnel Reliability Program
  64. Requires certified personnel at all times who are knowledgeable in the task being performed, are familiar with safety and security requirements, and are capable of detecting incorrect act or improper procedures is BEST described as the:  
    Two-Person Concept
  65. Weapon system design features, operational procedures, security, and system safety rules, and active, passive or disablement systems are all associated with:
    Use of Control
  66. Combined, these two control elements establish the framework through which absolute control of nuclear weapons is maintained at all times:
    Use of Control and Command & Control
  67. Applies to all mission essential assets, delivery system or platform, associated support systems, equipment, facilities, personnel, command and control links, and suporting logistical elements and the entire threat spectrum is BEST associated with:
  68. The BEST definition of deterrance is:
    "A state of mind brought about by the existence of a credible threat of unacceptable counteraction."
  69. Which of the following are characteristics of deterrance theory?
    National Will, Perception, and Capability
  70. In his briefing to the NCO Academy class, the commandant says, "As NCO's you must understand how youre readiness impacts the AF's capability to wage war and how adversaries judge our leaders and our natinal powers."
    The commandant's remarks BEST describe:
    Deterrence Theory
  71. During her orientation briefing MSgt Abbot hears, "As specialists on WMD, our job is to discourage terrorist and rogue nations from attacking the US; however, should we fail in that duty, it is also our job to stop any conflict as possible under conditiond approved by our national leaders."
    This statement describes:
    Role of Nuclear Weapons in deterrence
  72. The statement,' How operations will be conducted, the plans for acheving national objectives, and nuclear deterrence makes up the majority of US deterrence" BEST indicates the relationship between:
    Nuclear deterrence and national strategy and pilocy
  73. The decision to employ nuclear weapons requires the authority of the:
  74. Knowledge of enemy force strength, types of weapons available, and status/disposition of friendly forces BEST describes:
    Nuclear employment planning factors
  75. Who is the authority for the requirements and planning document used for DoD stockpiles planning projections?
    Nuclear Weapons Council
  76. Who is the authority for national security directives used for nuclear weapons employment?
  77. Capabilities including non-kinetic and conventional strike capabilities, integreated ballistic and cruise missile defenses, a responsive infrastructure, robust C2 system, and advanced intelligence adaptive planning systems BEST describe:
    The New Triad
  78. Nuclear employment is BEST summarized as the authority, planning documents and planning and employment factors that involve the:
    President, Secretary of Defense, Chariman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Combatant Commanders
  79. The spread of nuclear weapons, fissile material, and weapons-related nuclear technology and information BEST describes:
    Nuclear Proliferation
  80. The sstatement, "measures to limit and/or stop the spread of nuclear weapons, fissile material, and weapons-related nuclear technology and information" BEST describes:
    Nuclear Nonproliferation
  81. The statement " has manufactured and exploded a nuclear weapon or other nuclear explosive device prior to 1 January 1967" BEST describes:
    Nuclear Weapon State
  82. The statement, "ALthough the electricity generated from nuclear energy is clean and results in a relatively small amount of waste, there are concerns over the potential use of the waste product produced" BEST describes the/a:
    Political considerations associated with regional security issues.
  83. Iran enriching uranium to make its own fuel and N. Korea refusing the US's offer of proliferation safer reactors are examples of"
    Regional nuclear security issues
  84. A reduction in the nuclear stockpile and forces assigned to operate, maintain, and support nuclear capability coupled with thye ongoing challenge of achieving a focused and dedicated workforce BEST describes:
    Events after the Cold War that affected the AF Nuclear Enterprise
  85. A serious erosion of focus, expertise, mission readiness, resources, and discipline within the nuclear enterprise resulted in:
    The inadvertent shipment of ICBM components to Taiwan in 2006.
  86. The dismantling of SAC, diversion of critical resources, and little or no emphasis on training and discipline BEST summarizes:
    The devaluing of the nuclear mission.
  87. A base initiated shipping transaction, plus improper documentation, mislabeling, and a failure to accomplish proper notofication BEST summarize the mistakes that led to the inadvertent shipment os:
    MK12 Forward Sections to Taiwan
  88. The shipment of classified components to Taiwan and the unauthorized transport of nuclear weapons from Minot to Barksdale are BEST described as the result of:
    Failed leadership
  89. Following established procedures, holding people accountable, focusing on expertise, mission readiness, and discipline BEST summarize
    lessons learned from recent nuclear weapons related incidents
  90. While briefing recently promoted MSgt's, the CMSAF says, "As SMCO's, you must train our airmen to follow instructions and you must not be afraid to hold them accountable when they don't. Make compliance and accountability your motto. Instill professional behaviors in your subordinates, display pride in your unit, and always demonstrate that you value the mission."
    The CMSAF's remarks BEST summarize the relationship between recent lessons learned &:
    SMCO responsibilites
  91. Which of these sharply distinguishes the POA from other professions?
    Unlimited Liability Clause
  92. What term describes a nation that is self-ruling and geographically separated?
  93. Reducing resource dependency is a US foreign policy objective in which region?
    Third World
  94. Which bugle call signals the end of the duty day and links us to our military heritage?
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