1. in what kind of operation is the objective for FF to get close enough to the fire to apply extinguishing agents at close range
  2. there are two hose line sizes that are used most frequenly for interior fire attack. what is one of them
    1 3/4
  3. what is the most effective means of fire suppression, in most situations
    a direct attack
  4. which of the following is a common hazard of confined spaces
    low oxygen level
  5. a spill, pool, or open containerof liquid that is burning only on the top surface is known as a _______ fire
    two dimensional
  6. what is one use for a fog stream besides putting water on a fire
    venting heat and smoke out a window
  7. what is called when two groups of FF are operating hose lines against each other
    opposing hose lines
  8. in a direct fire attack, how is the water actually discharged onto the fuel?
    directed onto the base of the fire
  9. how should FF approach a vehicle fire
    45 degree angle
  10. which of the following is NOT a hazard found on modern vehicles
    brake drums
  11. what hazards do batteries present to FF
    Sulferic acid
  12. where does a direct fire attack deliver the water
    to the base of the fire
  13. smoke coming from cracks in walls and peeling or bubbling paint are indicators of a possible ________
    concealed fire
  14. where should additional equipment be staged on a high rise fire
    floor below fire floor
  15. all fire suppression operations can be classified as either one type or another. what are the two types
    offensive or defensive
  16. what would describe the appearance of a solid stream
    a continuous column of water
  17. when directing the flow of water from the nozzle during a combination attack, where should the flow of water first be directed
    upper left corner of the fire
  18. what is another term for a deck gun
    turret pipe
  19. what is added to propane to give it a distinct odor
  20. how much water cab large handlines flow, in gallons per minute
    250 or more
  21. what is the minimum size hose line FF should use to fight a vehicle fire
    1 1/2
  22. what si the relevance of water being divided into droplets with a very large surface area in a fog stream
    that pattern absorbs heat effeciaently
  23. what can be used to aid in extingusihment of smoldering fires in tightly packed combustible materials, piles, or trash containers
    class A foam
  24. portible monitprs, deck guns, and ladder pipes are examples of
    master stream devices
  25. under waht circumstances can one FF control a large handline
    when it is well anchored
  26. which of the following can be a difficulty when fighting a basement fire
  27. what is installed on a propane cylinders to allow excess pressure to escape
    relief valve
  28. what is one indication during an indirect attack that the ceiling has cooled
    water droplets are raining down
  29. how should fire be fought on fully involved alternative fuel vehicles
    unmanned master stream
  30. when water is converted to steam it expands to _________ times the volume of an equivalant amount of liquid water
  31. smoke emitting from cracks in the walls of a building on fire is a sign of ______
    possible building collaspe
  32. An incident commander should nver risk the lives of FF_________
    when there are no lives to save
  33. small handlines are those up to __________ diameter, in inches
  34. which of the follwoing is a hazaqrd of a hybrid vehicle
    high voltage cables
  35. a burning liquid that is dripping, spraying or flowing over the edge of a container is known as a _______ fire
    three dimensional
  36. what is an elevated master stream device that is mounted at the tip of an aerial ladder called
    ladder pipe
  37. what type of extinguishing agent should be used on electrical equipment fires
    class c
  38. which type of nozzle moves more air and is therefore more likely to disrupt the the thermal balance
  39. what is one advantage to a straight stream over a fog stream
    it provides more reach
  40. are master streams used for offensive or defensive operations
    defensive only
  41. when a certain kind of firefighting attack is successful, the fire can be controlled with the least amount of property damage. what kind of attack is this
  42. under what circumstances should master stream devices be directed into buildings where FF are operating inside
    under no circumstances
  43. the greatest danger of propane cylinders is
  44. during a definsive firefighting operation what priority does the exposure protection take on
    high priority
  45. Who can assist firefighters on a fire in transofrmer vault?
    Utility Company
  46. What type of fire attack is used to prevent the spread of fire?
  47. In an indirect fire attack, where is the water directed?
    The ceiling
  48. From where are defensive firefighting operations conducted?
  49. What cancer-causing material do transformers contain?
    Polychlorinated biphenyls
  50. When necessary, approach a flammable gas fire with _______.
    Two 1 and three fourths house line, from the side.
  51. What are the two different methods of discharging water onto a fire?
    Direct and indirect
  52. In what type of operation are large handlines and master streams more often used?
  53. Why is it necessary to limit how low and elevation angle a portable monitor device can be set to?
    If set too low, the reactionary force would make the monitor unstable.
  54. If there are no life hazards, how should a fire in a building under construction be fought?
  55. What is the objective of an indirect fire attack?
    to quickly remove as much heat as possible from the fire atmosphere
  56. How can the practice of having one teamĀ  of fire fighters conducting offensive operations and another team of fire fighters conducting defensive operationd on the same building at the same time be characterized?
    As extremely dangerous
  57. What is a combination fire attack a combination of?
    Direct and indirect
  58. What is one danger with an indirect fire attack?
    Hot fire gases and steam can be forced down into fire fighters, which can cause burns.
  59. What is the minimum number of fighter fighters needed to advance and manuever a 2 and a half handline inside a building.
  60. On what types of operations are master stream devices typically used?
    Defensive only
  61. What is the greatest danger to fire fighetrs when fighting a fire involving stacked or piled material?
  62. What is one characteristic of a fog steam?
    It creates water droplets with a very large surface area.
  63. Before any interior attack is indicated, what should be done to the structure?
  64. What water delivery device flows a minimum of 350 gallons of water per minute?
    Master stream
  65. What is the largest flow in gallons per minute that a master stream device can generate?
    2,000 or more
  66. What is a master stream device that is permanently mounted on a vehicle and piped called?
    Deck gun
  67. An indirect attack that is indicated when the temperature is increasing and it appears that ____________ is about to happen
  68. the best method to prevent a BLEVE is to driect the heavy stream of water:
    at the point of flame impingement
  69. what needs to happen when the gas or electrical service to a structure is turned off for firefighting operations
    apply lockout tag
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