Religion test

  1. What are prophets?
    Prophets are men who were chosen by God to be his spokesman to the people.
  2. What is a Messiah?
    Messiah is the Hebrew word Messiah is translated as Christ in the Greek language and means, "the anointed one."
  3. What are prophecies?
    Prophecies are the messages which God gave to his spokesmen (the prophets).
  4. What is a forerunner?
    A forerunner is someone who announced the arrival of an important person, they did this in ancient times.
  5. What is a herald?
    A herald is someone whose duty it is to announce the coming of an important royal person.
  6. What does repent mean?
    Repent means to be very sorry for one's sins and to promise to give up sin in the future.
  7. What does nativity mean?
    Nativity is another word for human birth. The church celebrates the nativity of Jesus on December 25, also known as Christmas.
  8. What is the Incarnation?
    The Incarnation is the truth that God became man. The Incarnation refers to the conception and birth of Jesus.
  9. What are miracles?
    Miracles are events that are far above the natural powers of either man or nature.
  10. What are evangelists?
    Evangelists are the title given to the four authors of the Gospels; saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
  11. What is the hypostatic union?
    This is the mystery that in christ the divine and human natures are united in the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.
  12. What are heresies?
    Heresies are religious beliefs that corrupt the true teachings of Christ and the church.
  13. What is Docetism
    This is the heresy which denied the truth that the son of God became a real man, Jesus Christ.
  14. What is Arianism?
    This is the heresy which denies the truth that jesus is God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.
  15. What is the ecumenical council?
    The ecumenical council is the gathering of all the world's bishops together with the pope for a special reason.
  16. What is the Nicene Creed?
    The Nicene Creed is The Profession of Faith which we say at every Sunday Mass.
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