HSII Ch. 12 Vocab Pt. 4

  1. stroke volume
    amount of blood ejected from ventricles with each heart beat
  2. systemic circulation
    blood from from L ventricle -> rest of the body -> R atrium
  3. systole
    contraction of heart muscle
  4. systolic pressure
    force of blood pushing against artery walls when ventricles contract
  5. T wave
    deflection of an ECG occurs with repolarization of ventricles
  6. tricuapid valveĀ 
    located between R atrium & ventricle
  7. umbilical cord
    • flexible structure connects fetus w/placenta
    • allows umbilical arteries & veins to pass
  8. vasomotor mechanism
    factors control changes in diameter of arterioles by changing tension of smooth muscle in vessel walls
  9. vein
    carries blood toward heart
  10. ventricle
    small cavities
  11. venule
    • small blood vessels collect blood from capillariesĀ 
    • forms veins
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HSII Ch. 12 Vocab Pt. 4
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