HSII Ch. 12 Vocab Pt. 3

  1. hepatic portal circulation
    route of blood flow through the liver
  2. mitral valve
    also called the bicuspid valve
  3. myocardial infarction (MI)
    death of cardiac muscle cells because of inadequate blood supply as in coronary thrombosis
  4. myocardium
    heart muscle
  5. P wave
    deflection on ECG occurs with depolarization of atria
  6. pericarditis
    inflamed pericardium
  7. pericardium
    membrane that surrounds the heart
  8. peripheral resistance
    blocked blood flow to peripheral arteries
  9. pulmonary circulation
    venous blood flow from R atrium -> lung -> L atrium
  10. pulse
    • alternating expansion and recoil of arterial walls produced by alternating contraction/relaxation of ventricles
    • travels in a wave away from the heart
  11. Purkinje fibers
    cells in walls of ventricles relay nerve impulses from AV node to ventricles. causing them to contract
  12. QRS complex
    deflection of an ECG because of the depolarization of ventricles
  13. semilunar valve (SL)
    • valves located between 2 ventricular chambers & the lg. arteries that carry blood away from the heart
    • found in veins
  14. sinoatrial node (SA)
    • pacemaker
    • where impulse conduction normally starts
    • located in the wall of the R atrium near the opening of the superior vena cava
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HSII Ch. 12 Vocab Pt. 3
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