anp lab2

  1. internal fertilization
    occurs when the sperm are transferred directly to the females body, and the secondary oocytes are fertlized inside of the females body
  2. viviparity
    is when the embryos are retained in the females body.
  3. sperm
    • sperm cells containt three parts
    • head
    • midpiece
    • tail
  4. the head of sperm
    • is the body of the sperm cell
    • it contains the nucleus and is tpped with the acrosome
  5. acrosome
     is compesed of granulare enzymes to dissolve the zona pellucida wich surrounds the secondary oocyte
  6. midpiece
    contains mitochondria for energy production
  7. tail
    • the falgellum below the midpiece
    • it propels the sperm cell
  8. `penis
    • male copularoty organ and contains eretile tissues
    • these tissues engorge with blood during an erection
  9. copora cavernosa
    • located the length of the penis and orsally to the urethra
    • this tssur makes up the bulk of the penis
  10. corpora spongiosum
    • is located the length of the penis beneath the corpora cavernosa
    • it encircles the urethra
  11. testes
    • contain a series of lobules which contain the seminiferous tubules
    • the lumen of the tublules are lined with seminiferous epithelilum which prodcues the spermatieds.
    • intersitial cells which produce testosterone are also associated with lobules
  12. scrotum
    this structure is an external sac of skin and smooth muscle containing the testes. associated smooth muscles raise and lower the scrotum to control the temperature of sperm
  13. testes
    these are the primary reproductive organs of males. they produce sperm and hormones like testosterone
  14. epidiymis
    • these are a series of convoluted ducts combining inot a comman shapred organ located on the posterior surface of eaxh testies
    • spermatids differentiate into sperm and are stored n the epididymis
  15. ductus deferens
    • these ducts connect the epididymis with the ejaculartory ducts
    • they sereve as sites for sperm storage and cnduct sperm to the ejaculatory ducts druintg an ejaculation
  16. ejaculatory ducts
    • these are short ducts formed by the merging of the ducts from the seminal vesicle and the vas deferens.
    • they condut sperm to the urtethra
  17. urethra
    • this is a large tuve connectind the urinary bladder with the distal end of the penis.
    • it conducts both sperm and urine. although not at the same time
  18. seminal vesicles
    • these sac like glands are about 5cm long
    • their ducts empty into the ductus deferens
    • they produce about 60% of the semens volume
  19. prostate gland
    • this is a gland surrounding the urethra where it exits the bladder.
    • it prodcues about 30% of the semens volume
  20. bulbourethral gland
    • these are a pair of small glands located laterally o the urethra posterior to the prostate gland.
    • they produce an alkaline mucus which lubercates the head of the penis
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