1. what is the wirght limit, in pounds, that most ladders can support
  2. FF working from a ladder should use a safety belt or a _________ to secure themselves to a ladder
    leg lock
  3. what should be done with the excess halyard before tying it off once an extension ladder is placed and extended
    it should be wrapped around two rungs of the ladder
  4. what is the term for keeping a ladder from slipping by applying ones weight to the underside of it
  5. when a ladder is placed at the proper angle for climbing and a FF is standing on a rung, how far will the rung at shoulder height be from the FF
    arms length
  6. where does the top beam of the ladder rest in the 1 FF carry
    on the shoulder
  7. what purpose do the hooks of a roof ladder serve?
    they secure the tip of the ladder to the peak of a pitched roof
  8. what type of ladder can be converted from a straight ladder to an A-frame configuration
  9. when a ladder is placed at the correct angle for climbing, what is the ration of ladder reach (vertical height attained) to distance of the butt of the ladder from the building
  10. can a free hanging roof ladder that is not on a roof but is hanging just from its hooks support the weight of FF
    no, they cannot support this weight from jsut the hooks
  11. how are FF arranged in the 3 FF flat ladder carry
    the front and rear person are on one side and the middle person is on the other
  12. when a ladder is used to gain access to a roof, at least how many rungs should show above the roofline
  13. what type of lift can be used to lower an rescuer into a trnch or manhole or to raise a victim safely from a below grade site
    ladder gin
  14. what is the term for non areial ladders
    portable ladders
  15. what is a ladder I beam usually made of
  16. what term describes the end of a ladder placed against the ground when the ladder is raised
  17. what do allĀ 3 FF do during the raise of a ladder into the final position for the 3 FF flat shoudler carry
  18. when FF are checking the stability of a roof prior to dismounting a ladder to work on it, how many points of contact should they maintain with the ladder
  19. what is the 2 FF ladder carry called where the ladder is carried at arms length rather than on the shoulder
    2 FF suitcase carry
  20. what is aother hazard associated with raising a ladder and having it hit something, other than the electrical hazard of it hitting power lines
    the sudden change in momentum cab cause FF to lose control of it and drop it
  21. what is the very top of a ladder called
  22. how high on a typical 2 story building can a 24' or 28' ladder reach
    the 2nd story window with 2 rungs inside
  23. what is the term forĀ  one of the two main structeral compnants that run the entire length of most ladder or ladder sectuions
  24. what type of know is used to tie off a ladder halyard
    clove hitch
  25. what do the stops do on an extension ladder
    prevent it from overextending
  26. what part of a ladder must not be exposed to solvents
  27. what does a heat sensor label do on a ladder
    it changes color when exposed to a specific degree of heat
  28. the 2 FF shoulder carry is usualy used with extension ladders up to
    35 feet
  29. why should FF climbing a ladder not look up, as a rule
    so that falling debris will not hit them in the face
  30. what is the proper climbing angle for a ladder
    75 degrees
  31. should FF ever slide their hands along the undersides ofthe beams while clibling a ladder rather than holding the rungs hand over hand
    yes, this is a more secure method than hand over hand
  32. how often should ground ladders be visually inspected
  33. when raising ladders, what is the minimum distance they should be kept from pwer lines
    10 ft
  34. where should the tip of a ladder be placed during operations from a window
    immediatelty below the sill
  35. what type of ladder us usually carried up another ladder before being placed
  36. when a roof ladder is being carried, which end should be facing forward
    the tip end
  37. what term means the level at which the ground intersects the foundation of a structure
  38. when a straight ladder other than a roof ladder is being carried, which end shouldbe facing forward
    the butt end
  39. before climbing a ladder, FF should make sure it is either tied or
  40. why should FF not place a foot in the rungs of an extension ladder while it is being raised
    if the fly slips, the foot will be crushed
  41. when FF are checking the stability ofa roof prior ro dismounting a ladder to work on it, how many points of contact should they maintain with the ladder
  42. what NFPA standard sets the minimum performance standards for apparatus referred to as either "aerial ladders' or "elevating platforms"
  43. what do the neams of a ladder directly support
  44. what is another term for portable ladders
    ground ladders
  45. what are the butt spurs on a ladder
    spikes on the base that keep it from slipping
  46. what is the NFPA standard on use, maintenance, and service testing of in service FD ground ladders
  47. on a 3 FF ladder carry, how should the FF be aligned
    they should all be on the same side of the ladder
  48. what is the best method for securing a ladder
    secure both the tip and the base
  49. to beging a variation of the 1 FF rung raise, where are the butt spurs placed for a ladder longer than 14 ft
    against both the structure and the ground
  50. what is one precaution FF should take when extending the fly section of an extension ladder
    they should not wrap the halyard around their hands
  51. ground ladders must be cleaned periodically even if not used at a scence. why/
    they accumulate road grime from being on the apparatus
  52. on the 2 FF shoulder ladder carry, what should the FF closer to the butt end do, in addition to carrying that end of the ladder
    cover the butt spur with a gloved hand
  53. of a ladder is placed at the proper anlge for climbing and it is reaching 20 ft up a wall, how far away from the wall should the base be, in ft?
  54. before climbing an extension ladder, FF should make sure the halyard is tied and the
    dogs are locked
  55. what term describes the top or bottom section of a trussed beam
  56. what does a heat sensor label do on a ladder
    it reports the highest temperature in which the ladder can be used safely
  57. most straight ladders and roof ladders ofa certain length or less can be carried safely by on FF. what length?
  58. what part of the ladder is raised or extended from the bed section
  59. what is the term for a metal bar that runs from one beam of a wooden ladder to the other to keep the beams from seperating
    tie rod
  60. when is a 3 FF flat shoulder carry useful
    when the ladder must be carried over short obstacles
  61. what is the floor to floor height, in feet, of a commercial building
  62. what type of ladders are permanently mounted and operated from a piece of fire apparatus
  63. roof ladders provide stable footing and also
    distribute weight
  64. how often should ladder service testing be done
  65. what type of ladder raise is usually used when the ladder can be raised perpendicular to the target surface
    rung raise
  66. what is the danger if the butt of a ladder is placed too close to the side of the building and people climb it
    the tip could pull away from the wall
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