HSII Ch. 12 Vocab Pt. 1

  1. angia pectoris
    severe chest pain resulting when myocardium is derived of sufficient oxygen 
  2. arteriole
    small branch of an artery
  3. artery
    vessel carrying blood away from the heart
  4. atrioventricular (AV) valves
    2 valves that seperate atraial chambers from ventricles
  5. atrium
    pl. atria
    chamber of cavity on each side of the heart
  6. AV bundle
    • fibers in the heart that relay a nerve impulse from AV node to the ventricles
    • also called bundle of his
  7. AV node
    • small mass of specialized cardiac muscle tissue
    • part of the conduction system
  8. bicuspid valve or mitral valve
    • an AV valve
    • located between L atrium & ventricle
  9. capillary
    • tiny vessels that connect arterioles & venules
    • exchange of gases happens here
  10. cardiac output
    volume of blood pumped by 1 ventricle per minute
  11. cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
    combined external cardiac massage & artificial respiration
  12. central venous pressure
    venous blood pressure within R atrium that influences pressure in large peripheral veins
  13. coronary artery
    • first artery to branch off aorta
    • supplies blood to myocardium
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