Marine Corps

  1. What date was the Marine Corps created?
    November 10, 1775
  2. Where was it created?
    Tun Tavern
  3. Why was it created?
    To police that Navy's sailors.
  4. What famous captain did the Marines fight for during the American Revolution?
    John Paul Jones
  5. What are the officers ranks in the Marine Corps?
    • 1st lieutenant
    • 2nd lieutenant
    • captain
    • major
    • lieutenant colonel
    • colonel
    • lieutenant general
    • brigadier general
    • major general
    • general
  6. What war is quoted in the first part of the Marine Corps Hymn, "From the Halls of Montezuma?"
    The Mexican-American War
  7. What is the special forces part of the Marine Corps called?
    Marine Recon
  8. Who assisted the Marines in the fight for Fallujah?
    Navy Seal snipers
  9. What degree is the minimum requirement to become a Marine Corps officer?
    Bachelor's Degree
  10. What terrains do the Marines fight on?
    Land, air and sea
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