1. under wgat circumstaces is the first arriving officer ata scene in charge, accordingto to the ICS paradigm
    under all circumstances
  2. what ICS section is responsible for providing supplies, services, facilities, and amterials during the incident
  3. in the ICS structure, who is the one person ultimately responsible for managing the incident
    The incident commander (IC)
  4. what is the term for an assemble of two to five single resoources, such as different types of units, assembles to accomplish a specific task
    task force
  5. what type of command structure brings represenatives of different agencies together to work on one plan and ensure all actions are fully coordinated
    unified command
  6. which ICS section is respnsible for the accounting and financial aspects of an incident, as well as any legal issues that may arise
  7. what is the term usually used for a group of companies or crews working in the same geographical area
  8. can command ever be transferred down to a lower ramking individual
    yes, when the situation is under control
  9. in most siutations, people can only supervise up to a certain number of people. what number
  10. ICS has pften been characterized as an organizational toolbox. what is thepoint of making this comparison
    that only tools needed for the specific incident are used
  11. who is the IC's point of contact for represenatives from outside agencies
    the liason officer
  12. to whom do individuals on the command staff directly report
    the IC
  13. can and should ICS be used for everday situation
    it can and should
  14. when is command terminated
    when the last company leaves the scene
  15. what is the term for the headquarters location for an incident
    the command post
  16. what method of communication of the necessary transfer of command information is most effective
    face to face
  17. does ICS allow for lower ranking people to be assigned to higher-level tasks
    yes, the best qualified person for a given task should be assigned to that role regardelss of rank
  18. what does the A stand for in IAP
  19. withing a FD, what is the primary means of communicating at the incident scene
  20. when are first arriving company officers allowed to pass command
    only when their direct involvement in operations will have a signfifigant impact on the outcome of the incident
  21. by what title is the individual in chrage of a company known
    company officer
  22. what is it called when represenatives drom severl different agencies work together to command a multi-jurisdictional incident in a coordinarted manner
    unified command
  23. what is theĀ  term for a group of FF who are working without apparatus and have an assigned leader
  24. inc ICS terminoligy, what is a single resource
    an individuual vehichle and its assigned personnel
  25. which ICS secion is responsible for keeping vehicles fueld and providing food for the FF
  26. what ICS section is responsible for the collection, evaluation, dissemination and use of information relevant to the incident
  27. if there is no officer on the first arriving unit, who assumes command
    the FF with the greatest seniority
  28. which ICS section is responsible for the management of all actions that are directly related to controlling the incident
  29. in an ICS situation, what is the maximum number of people that one person should normally supervise
  30. how would an exposure on the left side of the building be designated
    Exposure B
  31. when did efforts begn to establish an incident command systen
    the 1970s
  32. what is the branch level supervisior called
    a branch director
  33. among the entites division and group, which supervisor outranks which
    they are all equal rank
  34. key components of an incident command system (ICS) include planning, supervision, and:
  35. how is the supervisor of a task force designated
    task force leader
  36. what ICS section is responsible for developing the IAP
  37. by what title of rank are the heads of the four major functional componants of the ICS known
  38. what NFPA standard is titled Emergency Services Incident Command System
  39. for what types and sizes of incident is the ICS designed
    all types and all sizes
  40. who in the incident command structure is responsible for determining the strategic incident objectives
    incident commander
  41. what is the term for an assembly of five units of the same type with an assigned leader
    strike team
  42. what level of supervision can an IC establish in charge of a number if divsions or groups
    branch director
  43. what organization developed the first incident command system
  44. if an IC requested three EMS strike teams, what would be dispatched
    15 ambulances and 3 strike team leaders
  45. as more companies arrive at an incident, what is one reason the command structure must expand
    to maintain span of control
  46. where should the command post be located
    in a nearby protected location
  47. what principle requires each person to have only one direct supervisor
    unity of command
  48. what term usually refers to companies or crews working on the same task or objective, although not necessarily in the same location
  49. where does the safety officer position occur in the ICS
    as part of command staff
  50. if someone is designated as a director, what type of ICS grouping is that person supervising
  51. what is the term for areas adjacent to a building
  52. how are the chiefs of the four major functional componants known, collectively
    as the ICS general staff
  53. whatis the one of the three basic ICS componets that always apply to every incident
    you always report to ine supervisor
  54. when a higher ramking officer arrives on scene, is that higher ranking officer obligated to assume command from an existing IC who is of lower rank
    some departments require this, while others leave it to the higher ramking offices discretions
  55. what type of fire service personnel would normally be assigned the role of operation section chief
    a chief officer with a strong background in operations
  56. what would be the designation for the 7th floor on a high rise?
    Division 7
  57. which ICS position(s) must be filled at every incident
    Command only
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