acu quiz 7

  1. A patient presents with mental restlessness, insomnia, tongue/mouth ulcers, pain in the throat, deafness, anuncomfortable feeling and heat sensation in the chest, abdominal pain, thirst with a desire to drink coldliquids, scanty and dark urine, burning pain on urination, and blood in the urien. Their tongue is red withredder and swollen tip and a yellow coating. Their pulse is String-taut on the left rear position. What is thispatient's diagnosis?
    A) Stomach Fire Blazing
    B) Full-heat in the Small Intestine
    C) Damp-Heat in the Lower Jiao
    D) Heart Fire Blazing with Urinary Bladder Yin Deficiency
    Full-heat in the Small Intestine
  2. What type of cracks on the tongue would you expect to see in a patient no appetite or slight hunger butwith no desire to eat, constipation, dull epigastric pain, dry mouth and throat especially in the afternoonwith a desire to drink in small sips and a slight feeling of fullness after eating?
    A) Short, irregular cracks
    B) Long vertical crack in the center
    C) Transverse cracks
    D) Long horizontal cracks
    Short, irregular cracks
  3. A patient presents with palpitations, shortness of breath, weak and shallow breathing, profuse sweating,cold limbs, cyanosis of the lips, and greyish-white complexion. What is this patient's diagnosis?
    A) Heart Blood Deficiency
    B) Cold Phlegm Invading the Heart
    C) Heart Yang Deficiency
    D) Heart Yang Collapse
    Heart Yang Collapse
  4. Which type of organ transmits water and foot without storing them, and for this reason they may be oversupplied but they cannot be filled up?
    A) Extraordinary Zang Organs
    B) Six Fu Organs
    C) Extraordinary Fu Organs
    D) Five Zang Organs
    Six Fu Organs
  5. All of the following points are located 4 cun lateral to the midline except:A) Front Mu of the LiverB) Front Mu of the Gall BladderC) Front Mu of the SpleenD) S 18
    Front Mu of the Spleen
  6. All of the following are symptoms of the Collateral of the Foot Shaoyang except:
    A) Paralysis of the lower limbs
    B) Coldness in the foot
    C) Inability to stand erect
    D) Weakness of the joints
    Weakness of the joints
  7. A patient presents with stasis of blood in the chest with pressing, squeezing, tight, heavy and occasionallyburning sensation in the chest. The sensation is mild to moderate and they describe it as more of adiscomfort than pain. This sensation is retrosternal, across the anterior chest, and sometimes radiates to theshoulders, arms, and lower jaw. It will usually last about 1 to 3 minutes. What do you expect their tongueto look like?
    A) Spots on the sides of the tongue in the area between the tip and the center.
    B) Purple spots on the central surface of the tongue
    C) Spots on the root of the tongue.
    D) Spots all along the sides of the tongue.
    Spots on the sides of the tongue in the area between the tip and the center.
  8. Moxibustion is contraindicated in all of the following conditions EXCEPT:
    A) Unconscious patients and over areas that are numb
    B) Lower back or abdomen of pregnant women
    C) The vicinity of the sensory organs or mucous membranes
    D) Febrile Disease
    Unconscious patients and over areas that are numb
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