Bad Owls for the Second Examination

  1. Moscow roughly corresponds to the latitude of
    b. Ketchikan
  2. The rivers of the Siberian Basin generally run
    a. north
  3. In the 12th century AD the ancestors of the Russians were divided into
    c. three distinct languages.
  4. The first "historic" as opposed to "legendary" or "semi-legendary" Kievan ruler:
    c. Igor
  5. The "Bible of the Angels" at Rheims Cathedral originally belonged to
    a. Petr Alekseevich
  6. The legacy of the boyar duma was most developed in the appanage region of the
    c. northeast.
  7. Which period lasted the longest?
    a. Kievan Russia
  8. Mongol-Tatars and appanage Russians influenced one another relatively little because
    b. they were both in the pupae stage of civilized development.
  9. Today, this country encompasses mostly old Livonia:
    b. Latvia.
  10. Somewhat paradoxically, the reign of Ivan IV
    b. represents the beginning of the multi-ethnic Empire.
  11. The greatest rebellion of the reign of Tsar Alexis the Quietest One was
    c. the Stenka Razin Uprising of 1670-1671.
  12. Archpriest Avvakum became the leading spokesman for this position on church reform:
    c. liturgical changes would be acceptable, but not theological changes
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Bad Owls for the Second Examination
Bad Owls for the Second Examination