INFO 210

  1. A primary key of one table that appears as an attribute in another table and acts to provide a logical relationship between the two tables
    Foreign Key
  2. A process that weeds out and fixes or discards inconsistent, incorrect, or incomplete information
    Information Cleansing or Scrubbing
  3. The extent of detail within the information (fine and detailed or coarse and abstract)
    Information Granularity
  4. A measure of the quality of information
    Information Integrity
  5. Rules that help ensure the quality of information
    Integrity Constraint
  6. Shows how individual users logically access information to meet their own particular business needs
    Logical View
  7. Analyzes such items as websites and checkout scanner information to detect customers' buying behavior and predict future behavior by identifying affinities among customers' choices of products and services
    Market Basket Analysis
  8. Details about data
  9. The physical storage of information on a storage device
    Physical View
  10. A field (or group of fields) that uniquely identifies a given record in a table
    Primary Key
  11. Helps users graphically design the answer to a question against a database
    Query-By-Example (QBE) Tool
  12. Immediate, up-to -date information
    Real-Time Information
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