AECL 371 Final

  1. What is Patch Dynamics?
    Habitat patch shape, which is important feature on the landscape
  2. What is a simple shape index for a patch that measures both the area and perimeter of the patch?
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    • Edge Diversity Index (EDI)
  3. How do you measure the total edge in the landscape?
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    • Define the boundary
    • Identify Edge Type
    • Sum Total length of edge and divide by the landscapr area in hectares
  4. What is Interior Edge Ratio and how do you find it?
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    • Interior=Ai
    • Edge=Ae

    Buffer the habitat into Ede and Iterior Habitat

    Large R = large interior relative to the edge=increased predation and competition
  5. How are Patch Dynmaic Measurements useful?
    Common language for describing patch characteristics

    Specific Metrics can be implemented in management plans
  6. What is all the organisms livinf in a particular area and includes conspecifics as well as memebers of other species and their interactions with each other and he environment?
  7. What patch shape has the lowest perimeter to area ratio?
    Circle (Regular)
  8. Which Patch shape has a greater perimeter to area ratios,and more contact with adjacent habitats?
    Patches with Convoluted Edges (Irregular)
  9. What Community Measurement is some measure of a species- density, cover, biomass?
  10. What Community Measurement is a list of species present?
    Species Composition
  11. What Community Measurement is a Numerical Representation of the Variety of Species?
    Species Diversity
  12. What Community Measurement is the change through Time?
  13. What does the Community Measurement Origin and Fate Mean?
    Allochthonous(Evolved Elsewhere) vs. Autochthonous (Evolved Locallly)
  14. What is a Measure of the maount of Control Exerted by One or a Few Species?
    Species Dominance
  15. What is the Basal Area or Coverage of Species A divided by an Area Sampled?
  16. What is Dominance Divided by Total Area or coverage of All Species?
    Relative Dominance
  17. What is Relative Frequency+Relative Dominance+Relative Density?
    Importance Value
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