geo mountain building

  1. differentiate seismology seismograph and seismogram
    the study of earthquakes, an instrument to measure earthquakes and the readout of an earthquake
  2. what are teh 3 types of stress on plates
    • compressional stress=convergent
    • tensional stress=divergent
    • shear stress=transform
  3. name the 4 types of faults
    • normal =hanging wall is below footwall
    • reverse=hanging wall is above footwall
    • thrust=low angle reverse faults
    • strike-slip=transform boundaries blocks slide by each other
  4. name 4 folds
    • monocline=single flex or bend
    • anticline=layers dip away from axis, oldest in the mid
    • syncline=layers dip toward axis, youngest in the mid
    • overturned fold=layers dip past 90degrees
  5. def isostacy
    the earths crust floating in the mantle
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geo mountain building
geo mountain building