AP World Chapter 10

  1. The reunition of the Han dynasty. Fell to the Turks. 
    Sui Dynasty 
  2. Waterway linking the Yellow and the Yangzi Rivers. It was bugan in the Hand period and completed during the Sui Empire. 
    Grand Canal
  3. Empire unifying China and part of Central Asia. Capital Chang'an. From 618 to 907. 
    Tang Empire 
  4. A system in which countries in Asia not under direct control of empires based in China enrolled as tributary states. acknowleging superioty of empires in exchance for trading rights/ strategic alliances. 
    Tributary System 
  5. Female emporor. Favored Buddhists and Zoaists. 
    Wu Zhao 
  6. Empire in Central and Southern China. Advances in teechnology, medicine, astronomy, and mathmatics. (not in control of the north)
    Song Empire
  7. Capital of of Liao Empire when captured by Song 
  8. A very large flatbottom sailing ship. Produced by the Tang, Song and Ming. 
  9. Type in which each individual character is cast on a seperate piece of metal. Replaced woodblock printing. Allowed for the arrangement of individual letters. 
    Moveable Type
  10. Practiced by elite. Broke bones in feet and prevented women from walking without assitance. 
  11. The practice of identifying speacial individuals who will interact with spirits for the benefit of the community. 
  12. Korean kingdom founded in 918 and destroyed by a Mongol invasion in 1259. 
  13. Key features of the Tang government. Buddhism blended with the local recognition of the indegienous and immigrant chieftains as territorial administrators. 
    Yamato Regime
  14. Aristocratic family that dominated the Japenese imperial court between the ninth and twelfth centuries. 
  15. Written by noblewomen Murasaki. Remarked women should have knowledge. 
    The Tale of Genji
  16. The first of Japan's decentralized military governments. 
    Kamakura Shogunate
  17. Fertile River valley in Vietnam 
    Mekong River
  18. Quick maturing rice that can allow two harvest in one growing season. Orginated in India
    Champa Rice
  19. A state based on the Indonesian island. Ammased wealth and power by selective adaptaionof Indian technologies and concepts. control of trade routes and skillfun showmanship. 
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