States of Consciousness

  1. Twilight Phase
    • Alpha Waves
    • Losing awarness and failing to respond to a stimulus that would produce response in waken state
  2. Stage 1
    • 10 Mins into sleep
    • Alert and excited
    • Slowing pulse, relaxation
    • REM
    • Dreams
  3. Stage 2
    • NREM
    • 45-50% of sleep
    • Deep/ hard to wake
  4. Stage 3
    • NREM
    • Dominate in first cycle and weakens
    • Deep/ hard to wake
  5. Stage 4
    • NREM
    • Dominate first cycle and weakens
    • Delta Waves
    • Lowest Rate, Pressure, Temp
    • 15-20 Mins of sleep
  6. REM
    • Characterized by rapid eye movement
    • Most vivid dreams
    • Paradoxical sleep (Body funtions, like youre awake)
    • 25% of sleep
    • Dreams
  7. Dreams
    Vivid images or experiences that occur primarily during REM
  8. Manifest content
    What is remembered of a dream
  9. Latent Content
    Hidden meaning in a dream
  10. ID, Ego, Super Ego
    Natural, Rational, Social
  11. Sensor
    Edits dreaming contents so it doesnt freak you out
  12. Sigmund Freud
    • Dreams represent wishes not fufilled
    • Satisfy instinctive urges through fanticy that are unexceptible through society
    • "dreams are royal roads to unconciousness"
    • Selfish animals driven by urges and desire for pleasure
  13. Activation-Synthesis Model
    • Generated by random outburst of nerve cell activity
    • Internal stimuli affect brain cells used in vision and hearing
    • Dreams are attempt to make sense of random activity
  14. Day to Day events
    • Made of false or spurious info. that is being purged from memory
    • Arise from reprocessing of info. gathered during the day, Info. important to survival
  15. Control of dream content
    Presleep suggestion helps control
  16. Need for dreams (Freud)
    Psychic safety valve, giving harmless expression to otherwise disturbing thoughts, thoughts so disturbing that even transfered into symbolizes
  17. Insomnia
    difficulty in falling asleep or remaining asleep throughtout the night
  18. Apnea
    breathing difficulty during during the night and feelings of exhaustion during the day
  19. Narcolepsy
    hereditany, sudden nodding off during the day and sudden loss of muscletone following moments of emotional excitement
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