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  1. sales meeting
    • At today's sales meeting, we will be discussing how to boost numbers for this quarter.在今天的銷售會議上,我們要討論如何增加這一季的銷售數字。
    • All successful businesses hold regular sales meetings in order to assess progress and brainstorm new ideas.所有成功的企業都有定期的銷售會議,以掌握進度並集思廣益新的構想。
  2. sales presentation
    • Please prepare a sales presentation for tomorrow's meeting with the client.請為明天與客戶的會議準備銷售簡報。
    • A sales presentation should effectively demonstrate your plan to market your client's product.一個銷售簡報應該有效地說明你將如何銷售客戶產品的計畫。
  3. sales slip
    • Hold on to your sales slip in case you need to exchange your purchase or ask for a refund.保留你的收據,以防你需要更換商品或是要求退錢的情況。
    • No exchange or refund will be offered without the original sales slip.沒有原來的收據無法更換貨品或是退款。
  4. satisfaction
    n. 滿意
    • Sharon revised the article over and over until it met with the manager's satisfaction.雪倫一再地修改文章,直到經理滿意為止。
    • A job well done produces a great feeling of satisfaction.做好工作會帶來很大的滿足感。
  5. schedule
    v. 安排;預定;列入計畫
    • We have been scheduled for an audit with theclient next Tuesday.我們排定下週二與客戶舉行審計會。
    • Terry was scheduled for an interview with the CEO at ten.泰瑞預定十點與執行長面談。
  6. select
    v. 挑選adj.  精選的
    • You may select any beverage from the snack counter.你可以在甜點吧台選擇任一種飲料。
    • The conference was open to a select group of high-ranking sales associates.這個會議只開放給經過挑選的一群高階行銷會員。
  7. session
    n. 會議
    • The morning session of the seminar was not well attended.這個研討會的晨會出席狀況不甚理想。
    • The conference is now in session. Please take your seats quietly.會議正在進行中。請安靜就坐。
  8. shuttle
    • The shuttle will carry you from the car park to the office in three minutes.這輛接駁車在三分鐘內就會將你從停車場載到公司。
    • The service station offers a shuttle service to and from your place of work.這個服務站提供上下班的接駁服務。
  9. specific
    adj.  特別的;具體的
    • The manager's specific concerns were outlined during the weekly progress meeting.在週進度會議中條列了經理的特別關切事項。
    • Please be specific when addressing problems within your employee contract.在提出你的員工合約中的問題時,請具體指出。
  10. stockroom
    n. 儲藏室
    • We need to do an inventory of our stockroom.我們需要盤點庫存。
    • The extra office supplies are kept locked up in the stockroom.額外的辦公用品都鎖在儲藏室裡。
  11. strategy
    n. 策略
    • The entrepreneur's strategy was to get as much exposure for his product as possible.企業主的策略是讓他的產品儘可能地多曝光。
    • Our business strategy has traditionally been based on honesty and strong customer service.我們的企業策略延續傳統上以誠信和強健的客戶服務為基礎。
  12. strong
    adj. 強大的;極大的
    • Sales were very strong during the last quarter.上一季銷售得非常好。
    • Customer feedback presented a strong argument for better after-sales service.客戶的回饋訊息顯示售後服務需要加強。
  13. substitution
    n. 代替;代用;替換
    • With the substitution of a woman for a man in the key decision-making position, the company saw huge profits.在關鍵決定權的位置上以一位女士取代一位男士後,公司有了巨額的獲利。
    • Miss Wang will be your substitution while you're away on vacation.在你渡假期間,王小姐是你的代理人。
  14. table of contents
    • Please refer to the table of contents for chapter references.請使用目錄找到章節。
    • The table of contents is usually located at the front of a book.目錄通常落在書的前面。
  15. tag
    n. 牌子;標籤
    • The tag on this item says that it is on sale.這個物品的標籤標示物品在特價。
    • The tag on this suit indicates that it was made in Thailand.這件套裝上的標籤標示這是泰國製的。
  16. take part in
    v.phr. 參加
    • Representatives from across the country came to Alabama to take part in the annual conference.全國各地的代表來到阿拉巴馬參加年會。
    • If you would like to take part in our festivities, please enroll online.如果你想要參加我們慶典的話,請在線上報名。
  17. terms of the contract
    • We need to set up a meeting to negotiate the terms of the contract.我們必須開個會來協商合約的條件。
    • I am very pleased with the terms of the contract. Where do I sign?我非常滿意合約的條件。我要在哪裡簽名呢?
  18. tie-in
    n. 搭賣;關聯
    • This seminar is a great tie-in with our anniversary celebrations.這個研討會和我們的年度慶祝會是很好的搭配。
    • As a tie-in to our annual general meeting, we will be holding a weekend getaway for all our employees.為了搭配我們的年度例會,我們將會為所有的員工舉行一個週末踏青活動。
  19. understaffed
    adj. 人手不足;人員配備不足
    • The store is seriously understaffed; they need to hire more clerks.這間商店明顯的人手不足;他們需要雇用更多店員。
    • Being understaffed, the restaurant was not able to provide adequate customer service.由於人手不足飯店無法提供適當的客戶服務。
  20. variety
    n. 多樣化;各種變化
    • A warranty can protect the consumer against a variety of unforeseen problems.保固書可以保護消費者防備各種無法預見的問題。
    • This store stocks a variety of new and used furniture.這間店庫存了許全新及二手的傢具。
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