Vocab: Unit 3

  1. bleak
    • desolate, windswept, bare; cold, gloomy, unpromising
    • syn: dour, barren
    • ant: lush, verdant, blithe
  2. blight
    • check or destroy growth of; something that impairs growth or causes ruin
    • syn: nip, wither; scourge, eyesore
    • ant: stimulate
    • phrase: dry rot, put a damper on
  3. blithe
    • merry, carefree; overly unconcerned, reckless
    • syn: jocund, mirthful, heedless, nonchalant, blase
    • ant: morose, saturnine, morbid, solemn, dour, despondent
  4. bombastic
    • pompous or inflated in language
    • syn: grandiloquent, hyperbolic, highfalutin, turgid, fustian
    • ant: artless, unpretentious, terse, succinct
  5. boisterous
    • noisy and rowdy
    • syn: obstreperous, vociferous, tempestuous
    • ant: halycon, sedate
  6. boorish
    • rude or unrefined
    • syn: uncouth, gauche, crude, crass, churlish, lout, ill-bred
    • ant: urbane, savoir-faire
  7. boycott
    • refuse to buy, use or deal with as a means of protest
    • syn: proscribe, blackball, ostracize
    • ant: patronize, fraternize with
  8. brash
    • overly bold, hasty, thoughtless
    • syn: gauche, impetuous, precipitate, impudent, saucy
    • ant: prudent, circumspect, wary
  9. bravado
    • boastful or swaggering show of false bravery, false courage
    • syn: braggadocio, cockiness, bluff
    • ant: intepidity, gallantry, valor, pluck, stoutheartedness
    • phrase: Dutch courage
  10. brusque
    • overly short or abrupt
    • syn: curt, blunt, terse, gruff
    • ant: cordial, affable, voluble, effusive
  11. bungle
    • to mismanage or make a mess of
    • syn: botch, mar, bollix up, klutz
    • ant: whiz, workmanlike, adroit, deft, dexterous
  12. bureaucracy
    a complicated system of administrative agencies
  13. buttress
    • support or reinforcement
    • syn: mainstay, cornerstone
    • ant: impair, undermine
  14. cajole
    • persuade or obtain by flattery or deceit
    • syn: inveigle, beguile, induce
    • ant: dissuade
    • phrase: soft-soap, sweet-talk, curry favor with, apple-polish
  15. callous
    • unfeeling or insensitive
    • syn: thickskinned, hardhearted, hardboiled
    • ant: sensitive
  16. calumny
    • false statement deliberately made to injure a person
    • syn: libel, slander, aspersion
    • ant: flattery, adulation
  17. candid
    • fair and impartial; frank or outspoken; informal or unposed
    • syn: objective, unprejudiced, impromptu
    • ant: partial, biased, disingenuous, equivocal
  18. cantankerous
    • foul-tempered and quarrelsome
    • syn: peevish, cross-grained, irascible, choleric, bearish, testy, ornery, curmudgeon, perverse
    • ant: amiable, imperturable, docile, tractable
  19. captious
    • quick to find petty faults or raise trifling objections; fussy
    • syn: caviling, carping, pettifogging, picayune, artful
    • ant: laudatory, complimentary
  20. catholic
    • broad or widely inclusive; general or universal, worldwide
    • syn: ecumenical
    • ant: parochial
  21. caustic
    • able to dissolve by chemical reaction; sharp and biting
    • syn: tart, trenchant, mordant, acidulous, sardonic, acerbity
    • ant: saccharine, honeyed
  22. censor
    • someone who discerns inappropriate material; remove objectionable material
    • syn: expurgator, bowdlerizer, comstockery, Grundyism
  23. censure
    • open and formal disapproval; criticize severely
    • syn: remprimand, upbraid, chastise
    • ant: approbation, laud, extol, meritorious
    • phrases: take to task, call on the carpet, bawl out
  24. chagrin
    • irritation, embarrassment or humiliation caused by disappointment
    • syn: vexation, annoyance, abash
    • ant: jubilation, exult
  25. charlatan
    • anyone who claims to have skill they don't actually possess
    • syn: impostor, quack, mountebank, humbug, fraud
  26. chronic
    • continuing over a long period of time or recurring often
    • syn: prolonged, inveterate, perennial, recurrent
    • ant: transitory, evanescent, ephemeral, sporadic
  27. circuitous
    • indirect or roundabout, long-winded
    • syn: rambling, sinuous, devious, oblique, periphrastic, digressive
    • ant: unveering
  28. circumspect
    • cautious or prudent, especially in regard to consequences; tactful
    • syn: chary, leery, politic, discreet
    • ant: imprudent, foolhardy, brash
  29. circumvent
    • get around or avoid, especially by deception
    • syn: skirt
  30. clandestine
    • concealed from view so as to hide motivation
    • syn: surreptitious, covert, furtive
    • ant: overt, manifest, obvious, avowed
    • phrases: deep cover, cloak-and-dagger, undercover agent
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