1. obligate 
    v. 義務;對……施以恩惠
    • Ellen was obligated to remain overseas until the end of her contract.愛倫在她的合約結束前都有義務留在海外。
    • The subcontractor was obligated to complete the work by the end of the month.轉包商有義務在這個月底前完成這項工作。
  2. offer
    n. 提供;報價v.提供;報價
    • I would like to make an offer of ten million dollars to purchase the business.我願意報價一千萬元以取得這筆生意。
    • They offered far less than the vendor was prepared to accept.他們的報價遠低於賣主準備接受的價錢。
  3. overcrowded
    adj.  過於擁擠的
    • The meeting room was a bit overcrowded as the turnout was larger than expected.因為人潮大於預期,所以會議室有點太過擁擠了。
    • Organizers chose a larger venue for this year's conference as last year's event was seriously overcrowded.主辦者為今年的年會挑選了一間較大會議室,因為去年的年會實在太擁擠了。
  4. oversight
    n. 失察;疏忽出錯;監督
    • We would like to apologize for the oversight; we didn't mean to omit your name from the list of sponsors.我們願意為這個疏忽道歉;我們不是故意在贊助者名單上遺漏了你的名字。
    • The foreman has oversight of operations at the plastics factory.領班在塑膠工廠監督整個作業流程。
  5. overstaff
    v. 人員過多;人浮於事
    • The office was a bit overstaffed; people were sitting around with nothing to do.辦公室的冗員過多,到處都有人坐著無所事事。
    • It is not sound business practice to allow your company to be overstaffed.允許你的公司有過多的冗員,這聽起來太不符合商業實務的原則。
  6. overtime
    n. 超時
    • This job requires a lot of overtime but you will be adequately compensated for the extra work.這份工作要求大量加班,但是你的努力會得到適當的補償。
    • It is against company regulations to spend a lot of time doing overtime.花費許多時間超時工作是違反工作法規的。
  7. party
    n. (契約等的)一方;政黨
    • This contract can be terminated with one month notice from either party.這份合約任何一方都可在一個月前提出終止。
    • The New Democratic Party won the national election last month.新民主黨上個月贏得全國大選。
  8. persuasion
    n. 說服;信念;確信
    • With a little persuasion, the clients will renew their ontract for another year.只要一點點勸說,明年的合約客戶就會續約。
    • Representatives from all political persuasions showed up to hear the president's speech.所有不同政治理念的代表都出席聹聽總統的演說。
  9. positive reply
    • We received a positive reply from the client regarding our latest proposal.關於我們最新的提議,我們接到客戶肯定的答覆。
    • We anticipate a positive reply from our investors regarding our new business proposition.關於我們新的貿易提議,我們預期會得到我們投資者正面的回應。
  10. primarily
    adj. 主要的;起初的
    • The president was primarily concerned with the drop in sales over the last quarter.總裁主要是關切最近這一季銷售下降的事情。
    • Our advertising is aimed primarily at the well-educated, unmarried consumer.我們的廣告主要是鎖定受高教育、未婚的消費者。
  11. productive
    adj. 有成效的;有收穫的
    • James was rewarded for being the most productive employee on the team.詹姆士得到獎勵因為他是團隊裡最有成效的員工。
    • Yesterday's work meeting was very productive; many things were accomplished.昨天的工作會議非常有效率;許多事情都完成了。
  12. promise
    n. 承諾;答應  v. 允諾
    • This guarantee gives the promise of a full refund if the customer isn't satisfied with the product.這個保證書承諾,若顧客不滿意產品,將會全額退錢。
    • Meredith promised to have the report completed before the presentation on Friday.馬里帝茲承諾在週五的簡報前會將報告完成。
  13. protect
    v. 保護;護衛
    • As a consumer, you should protect yourself from being cheated, by doing a background check on the vendor company.身為消費者,應該對於售貨公司作ㄧ些背景調查,以保護自己免於被騙。
    • Warranties protect the consumer from additional expense due to product failure.保證書保護消費者毋須因產品故障而付擔額外的花費。
  14. provision
    n. 條款;預備措施
    • Jim was relieved to discover that his contract contained provisions in case he was injured and left unable to work.吉姆發現他的合約中含有因意外受傷離開而無法工作的保護條款時,鬆了一口氣。
    • Before leaving her post, Karen made provisions to train her successor.凱倫在離開她的職務前,為她的接任者做了交接。
  15. register
    n. 登記;註冊 v. 登記;註冊
    • When you arrive at the hotel, please register your company name at the front desk.當你到達旅館時,請在櫃台登記你的公司名稱。
    • The conference register listed over two hundred participants from across the country.會議報到表列了超過兩百位來自全國各地的參加者。
  16. reputation
    n. 名聲;信譽
    • Thomas decided to buy from this company because of its reputation for excellent customer service.湯瑪斯決定買這家公司的產品,因為該公司擁有很好的客戶服務聲譽。
    • This company owes its fine reputation to word-of-mouth advertising.這家公司的好名聲建立於客戶間口耳相傳的口碑。
  17. require
    v. 需要;要求;命令
    • Will you require our extended warranty program with your appliance purchase?您採購的設備需要我們的延長保固計畫嗎?
    • This job requires that you remain on call for weekend shifts once per month.這份工作要求你每個月必須輪班一次在週末隨時待命。
  18. resolve
    v. 解決;分解 n. 剛毅;決心
    • Representatives from both sides met to resolve the issues between them.雙方的代表見面要解決彼此之間的爭議。
    • She handled the difficult matter with clarity and resolve.她明確且剛毅地處理了那個困難的問題。
  19. risk
    n. 風險
    • There is always some element of risk involved in successful business practices.在一個成功的企業運作中,總是會有一些風險因素。
    • Many investors will be reluctant to get involved after learning about the level of risk associated with this particular endeavor.在知道這樣特別的努力會有某種程度的風險後,許多投資者都不願意參與。
  20. sales item
    • This sales item is not on the agenda for discussion at today's meeting.這件銷售產品不在今天會議的討論議程中。
    • This sales item is moving off the racks faster than we can replenish our supplies.這項銷售品在貨架上銷售的速度比我們供應補貨的速度快。
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