1. develop 
    v. 發展;進步;改善
    • The small film company that the actor started years ago has developed into a multi-million dollar success.那位演員幾年前成立的小電影公司現已發展成百萬大公司。
    • With proper training and guidance, this particular intern could develop into a real leader.靠著妥善的訓練與指導,這位特別的實習生可能進步成真正的領導者。
  2. do business with
    • It's been a real pleasure doing business with you.與你做生意實在很愉快。
    • Next year we plan to do more business with overseas distributors.明年我們打算與海外的配銷商有多一點生意往來。
  3. draft
    n. 匯票;匯款單
    • The first draft of the bill is going before the committee next week.第一筆匯款將會在下週的會議前進來。
    • Payment for services rendered will be made through international bank draft.這筆服務報酬會以國際銀行的匯票支付。
  4. engagement
    n. 約會;訂婚
    • I'm sorry that I couldn't attend the meeting; I had a previous engagement.對不起,我無法參加會議,我還有一個會議沒開完。
    • This engagement will keep me busy for most of the morning.這場訂婚會讓我忙整個早上。
  5. establish
    v. 創立;創辦
    • The boss established a precedent when he fired the man for stealing paper clips.老闆創下了一個前例,解雇了一個偷回紋針的人。
    • The personnel manager established a new office ritual when she began celebrating birthdays once a month.人事經理開始每個月慶生一次時,她創下一個新的辦公室慣例。
  6. evaluate
    v. 評估;鑑定
    • It's important to evaluate the pros and cons of any big business decision.評估任何重要生意決策的利弊是很重要的。
    • Employees will be evaluated at the end of each quarter.在每一季結束時會評鑑員工的表現。
  7. expiration
    n. 期滿;終結
    • Jeremy wanted to renew his account before the expiration date.傑若米想要在期滿日前將他的帳戶延期。
    • James planned to return to England following the expiration of his work contract.詹姆斯打算在工作合約期滿後回英國。
  8. fad
    n. 一時的流行或風尚
    • T-shirt slogans are a fad that has stood the test of time.T恤上的標語是經過時間考驗的時尚流行。
    • Quality advertisers know how to use the popularity of a fad to their best advantage.優質的廣告業者知道如何運用流行時尚作為他們最大的優勢。
  9. financial terms
    • The financial terms of the agreement were largely in favor of the vendor.這份合約上的金融財務條款絕大半是有利賣方的。
    • Shelly didn't agree with the financial terms of the contract, so they had to renegotiate.雪麗不同意合約上的金融財務條款,所以他們得重新協商。
  10. flat
    • The market is a bit flat this season, as consumers attempt to make up for overspending at Christmas.這一季市場景氣有些蕭條,因為消費者試圖補回聖誕節時的過多花費。
    • The market fell flat after many stockholders pulled their investments out.在許多股東抽掉他們的投資後,市場陷入蕭條。
  11. forecast
    v. 預測
    • The marketing manager attempted to forecast sales numbers for the coming season.行銷經理嘗試預測接下來這一季的銷售數字。
    • The sales forecast for the coming season is very optimistic.接下來這一季的銷售預測非常樂觀。
  12. free delivery
    • If you order in bulk from this company, you will get free delivery.如果大批訂購該公司的產品,可以享有免費運送服務。
    • Our company provides free delivery on all orders totaling five hundred dollars or more.購物總價超過五百元以上時,我們公司提供免費運送的服務。
  13. frequently
    adj.  頻繁的;屢次的
    • Extended warranties are frequently offered in combination with large appliance purchases.購買大型電器時通常會提供延長保固的服務。
    • Service problems of this kind occur frequently with this type of automobile.這類的客服問題屢次發生在這款汽車上。
  14. gather
    v. 收集;積聚;猜測
    • The clerk was asked to gather all of the pertinent data on the competitor.銷售員被要求收集所有競爭對手的相關數據資料。
    • After looking at your results, I gather that you have had plenty of sales experience.在看過你的結論後,我猜測你已經有相當多的銷售經驗了。
  15. get a handle on
    • I think I've got a handle on what you want from me as your company spokesperson.我想,我已了解身為公司發言人的你想要從我身上得到什麼。
    • We hope to get a handle on the competition at this year's trade show.我們希望了解今年商展的競爭對手。
  16. get in touch
    • Conference administrators tried to get in touch with as many potential participants as possible.會議的行政人員盡可能連絡上最多的潛在參與者。
    • Conferences are a great opportunity for consultants to get in touch with their peers in the industry.對顧問來說,會議是與企業同儕聯繫的大好機會。
  17. hold
    v. 舉辦;托住
    • The home-schooling group holds a conference in Ottawa every year.家庭自學團體每年在沃太華舉辦年會。
    • This folder easily holds twenty files.這個文件夾輕易存載了二十個檔案。
  18. imply
    v. 包含;暗示
    • The booklet included with the camera implied that it was covered under a money-back guarantee for the first year after purchase.相機隨附的小冊子上保證這台相機在購買一年內故障的話可退費。
    • The news article implied that the company president employed less-than-ethical business practices.這則新聞暗指這間公司聘用的總裁根本無商業道德。
  19. in-house
    adj. 內部的;機構內的
    • We have our in-house editors working on that project.我們有自己的內部編輯進行那個專案。
    • We will be handling that contract in-house instead of through freelancers.我們會在內部處理那個合約,不會透過自由工作者。
  20. in-service
    • The photocopier is currently not in-service, as it is being repaired.這台影印機現在不能列印,因為正在維修。
    • The flight attendant received in-service training before her first international flight.那名空服員在她首次的國際飛行前獲得在職訓練。
  21. inspiration
    n. 靈感
    • With a little inspiration, we can come up with some exciting new ad campaigns.只要有一點小靈感,我們就可以想出一些令人興奮的新廣告宣傳。
    • Brian said that he found inspiration from a book about the success of the world's top executives.布萊恩說,他在一本關於世界頂尖執行者成功故事的書中找到靈感。
  22. joint venture
    • The high-speed rail is a joint venture between Taiwanese and Japanese companies.高速鐵路台日公司合資的企業。
    • The future of business is in successful joint ventures between nations.未來的商業在於成功的國際企業合資。
  23. key person
    • The chief negotiator is the key person in any contract meeting.主要的交涉者在任何一個合約會議中都是關鍵人物。
    • Please direct your questions to Jeff Adams, as he is the key person in charge of that account.請將你的問題寄給傑夫.亞當斯,因為他是那個報告的負責人。
  24. location
    n. 位置;地點
    • A successful conference must be in an easily accessible location.一個成功會議的地點應該是一個容易到達的地方。
    • Las Vegas is a popular location for trade shows and seminars.拉斯維加斯是舉辦商展和研討會的一個熱門地點。
  25. logo = logotype
    • Our company logo was designed to reflect our artistic nature.我們公司的商標設計是要能反映我們的藝術本質。
    • The corporate logo is clearly visible on all of their products and communications.企業標誌在其所有的產品與傳達的訊息中皆可清楚地看到。
  26. mailer
    n. 郵寄的廣告傳單
    • We normally use a combination of mailers and newspaper ads to market our new products.我們通常使用郵件傳單與報紙廣告一起來行銷我們的新產品。
    • An eye-catching mailer can be quite effective as an advertising tool.一個引人注目的郵寄廣告會是相當有效的廣告利器。
  27. make an appointment
    • I would like to make an appointment with your manager, please.請幫我跟你經理預約一個會面的時間。
    • We need to make an appointment to see the new office location next week.我們下週要預約一個時間去看新的辦公室地點。
  28. market
    v.  銷售 n.市場
    • We need to believe in our products before we can successfully market them.要成功銷售產品前,我們需要先相信我們的產品。
    • There is a big market this year for personalized technology such as cell phones.今年個人化的科技產品,像是手機會有很大的市場。
  29. market survey
    • Latest market surveys show a drop in the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol among health-conscious executives.最新的市場調查顯示,在有健康概念的高階主管中,菸酒的消耗量在下降。
    • According to our latest market survey, teenagers with part-time jobs have the highest level of disposable income of all our consumers.根據我們最新的市場調查,在我們所有的消費者中,有兼差工作的青少年擁有最高的可支配所得。
  30. negotiate
    v.  談判;協商
    • Before renewing your employment contract, you should negotiate a raise.在你的員工契約續約前,你應該討論一下加薪的事情。
    • If your boss is a reasonable person, you should be able to negotiate a pay increase after several months of quality work.如果你的老闆是個明理的人,在經過幾個月工作表現績優後,你應該可以爭取加薪。
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