Econ Test 2 Essay 5

  1. Discuss the economic status of Czechoslovakian women 
    transition to a market economy tends to give the majority of women both new opportunities and new problems compared to life during communism
  2. During Communism (positive side)
    • total moral support of women to work outside of home
    • women were socially equal to men
    • lots of female professionals
    • gov't helped working mothers by providing childcare facilities
  3. During Communism (negative side)
    • public childcare money tended to be inadequate (not a high priority for gov't)
    • few part-time jobs available, making it difficult for women to juggle wome and work responsibilities
    • few labor saving appliances (no clothing washers and dryers)
    • women had to stand in long lines in places with shortages of consumer goods (food/clothing), in order for them to get their share
    • Responded to problems by having fewer children and by sticking to relaxed-pace jobs
  4. After Communism (positive side)
    • consumer goods are more available
    • both women and men have more freedom, not forced to have paying job
    • women are free to stay at home and concentrate on being homemakers if they wish
    • more part time jobs available
  5. After Communism (negative side)
    • privatization of businesses make getting a job more competitive
    • most companies cut childcare facilities (too costly)
    • decrease in job security
    • some women were forced back to being homemakers against their will
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Econ Test 2 Essay 5
Econ Test 2 Essay 5