Econ Test 2 Essay 2

  1. Describe the German apprenticeship system 
    • roots go back to the guild system of the Middle Ages
    • spread nation wide during Germany's trained labor shortage after WWII
    • heavy emphasis on "on-the-job" training, simmilar to that in Japan
    • about 70% of german teenagers receive training in apprenticeship system
    • close to 400 different occupations
  2. German apprenticeship system (part 2)
    • males receive training in manufacturing
    • females tend to be trained for sales, clerical and health care positions
    • apprentices go to work for 3 weeks, then vocational school for 2 weeks
    • 2-3 years of training
    • hard to change once you have started
  3. Benefits to apprenticeship system
    • teen unemployment is low
    • creates a highly skilled workforce
  4. Problems with apprenticeship system
    • expensive
    • sexism
    • ethnic problems (problems getting those from immigrant families involved in program)
  5. Why is it more difficult for the U.S. to have an apprenticeship system?
    • the expense
    • high danger in the US that workers will leave for other companies after being trained
    • students are reluctant to participate in vocational opportunities (blue collar workers are not as socially respected in the US)
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Econ Test 2 Essay 2
Econ Test 2 Essay 2