Econ Test 2 Part 8

  1. Poland's Economic contrasts with Czechoslovakia
    • high amount of agriculture, but inefficient: more fertile land but gov't neglected farms because they were privately owned
    • inefficient undustrialization: no gov't encouragement, not enough natural resources, lack of economies of scale
    • financial problems: high inflation and large international debt
    • poor standard of living: bad consumer shortanges, lots of rationing
  2. Poland's political contrasts with Czechoslovakia
    • poles are very nationalistic: long history of oppression
    • strong civil society: more likely to be active and long term members of non governmental organizations
  3. What was the Solidarity union coalition? 
    • first independent labor union in the Soviet bloc
    • not automatically allied with the Communist Party
    • outlawed by Communist officials but never totally went away
  4. Who is Lech Walesa? 
    • leader of Solidarity
    • later became President of Poland
    • inspired other countries to get rid of Communist monopolies and encouraged Western support and aid
  5. Poland transition successes
    • high growth
    • lots of entrepreneurship
    • quite a bit of DFI (direct foreign investment)
    • strong civil society
    • admitted into Western international organizations: OECD, NATO, EU
  6. Poland transition sproblems
    • bad infrastructure
    • inefficient businesses and farms
    • not enough job opportunites (15-20% unemployment)
    • weak gov't
  7. Poland is the US's best foreign policy friend in Europe next to Britain because of shared common goals such as...
    • peace and democracy in Eastern Europe
    • a stable middle east
    • poland sent help to America during Revolutionary War
    • high polish immigration to the US
    • US helped Solidarity in the 1980s
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Econ Test 2 Part 8
Econ Test 2 Part 8