Econ Test 2 Part 6

  1. What were its results of the Berlin Wall being built? 
    • severly damaged international relations with Western countries
    • divided families
    • loss of freedom
    • young East Germans started working harder to improve the standard of living in East Germany
    • focus on materialism rather than political protest or escape
  2. Why did East Germany have a higher standard of living than most Soviet bloc neighbors? 
    • Interzone Trading Agreement: gave special access for their exports to the European community 
    • importation of industrial equipment
    • Leipzig Industrial Fair
    • received more moeny from the west
  3. What 3 stages did the town of Thurow go through?
    • Stage 1: during socialism, the town ran a pig cooperative (smelly, rundown town that was suspicious of outsiders)
    • Stage 2: after unification, things got worse.  Most pigs and farmland had to be sold to pay the cooperative's debt.  Few jobs available.  Neo-Nazis moved in
    • Stage 3: new prosperity came to town.  With gov't help, an industrial park was built outside of the town.  Free market competition improved customer service
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Econ Test 2 Part 6
Econ Test 2 Part 6