Integumentary System 2

  1. (Epidermis Continued)
    lies deep in the epidermis and underlying dermis
  2. (Epidermis Continued)
    produces a pigment called melanin
  3. Melanin
    Protects deeper cells from the suns ultraviolet rays
  4. Skin Color
    results from a combination of genetic, environmental, and physiological factors
  5. (Skin Color)
    Melanin & Melanin Granules
    Each person has different amounts of..... and different sizes of
  6. (Skin Color)
    Melanin Protecting
    Exposure to sunlight, causes darkening of skin due to....
  7. (Dermis)
    Epidermal ridges and dermal papillae causes the border to be uneven
  8. (Dermis)
    Dermal Blood Vessels
    Carry nutrients to upper layers and help body temp.
  9. (Dermis)
    Dermis Layer
    contains nerve fibers, sensory fibers, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands
  10. Subcutaneous Layer
    also called the Hypodermsi Layer
  11. Subcataneous Layer
    Binds skin to underlying organs
  12. Subcataneous Layer
    No distanct boundary between dermis and......
  13. (Acessory Organs)
    Are proteective covering overheads of fingers and toes
  14. (Acessory Organs)
    Consist of stratified squamos overlying the nail bed, with the lumula as the active growing region
  15. (Acessory Organs) (Nails)
    As new cells are produced, older ones are pushed outward and become...
  16. (Acessory Glands)
    Hair Follicle
    Can be found in nearly all regions of the skin
  17. (Acessory Glands)
    Hair Follicle
    Hair develops from cells at the base of the......
  18. (Acessory Glands) (Hair Follicle )
    Hair Shaft
    As new cells are formed, old cells are pushed outward and become keratinzed  and die forming the...
  19. Arrector Pili Muscle
    A bundle of smooth muscle
  20. Arrector Pili Muscle
    Attaches to each hair follicle
  21. Arrector Pili Muscle
    Causes goose bumps when cold or frightened
  22. Arrector Pili Muscle
    Hair color is determined by genetics
  23. Arrector Pili Muscle
    Melanin from melanocytes is responsible
  24. Sebaceous Glands
    Associated with hair follicles and secrete sebum (oil) that waterproofs and moisturizes the hair shaft
  25. (Sweat Glands)
    Responds to body temp.
  26. (Sweat Glands)
    Found in neck, back and forehead
  27. (Sweat Glands)
    Respond to body temo, stress and sexual arousal
  28. (Sweat Gland)
    Found in armpits adn groin after puberty
  29. Modified Sweat Glands
    Ceruminous glands
  30. Modified Sweat Glands
    Secretes ear wax and mammary glands adnd milk
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