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  1. Preputial lacerations/ruptures happen how?.
    prepuce trapped between bull and female during breeding thrust
  2. The tissues react differently in a preputial rupture/laceration between Bos Indicus and Bos Taurus- what is this?
    • Bos indicus- usually develop preputial prolapse
    • Bos taurs-usually retract penis and develop phimosis
  3. A preputial laceration/rupture first appears to look like what? and then with swelling/phimosis it looks like what?
    • first looks like longitudinal laceration
    • then looks like transverse laceration
  4. What are complications from a preputial laceration?
    • 1. abscess with adhesions
    • 2. phimosis
    • 3. paraphimosis
  5. Why is urolithiasis almost always a male problem?
    females have calculi but the urethra distends more so calculi can pass
  6. What are predisposing factors to urolithiasis?
    • 1. high concentratie diets
    • 2. pasture with high oxalate levels
    • 3. sandy soil pastures (silica)
    • 4. cold weather (dont drink)
    • 5.males castrated young
  7. Where do uroliths commonly lodge in the penis?
    distal bend of sigmoid flexure
  8. If the bladder or urethra has ruptured can you still slaughter this bull at home and eat it?
    • you can- but not a good idea
    • meat tastes like urine
  9. What type of cows have calculi removed surgically?
    yearlings still on grass
  10. what do we do for feedlot animals with urethral calculi?
    • short term recovery so that animal can go to market
    • catheterization and ischial urethrostomy with transection and amputation of the penis
  11. With a bladder rupture what must be done?
    • ventral drainage of urine thru skin incisions/trochar/catheters ect
    • bladder will heal w/o intervention once this is done
  12. Where is a bladder tear most likely to be?
    dorsal bladder
  13. In small ruminants with urethral calculi where does the black happen?
    urethral process
  14. What are some treatment options for pet sheep/goats with urethral calculi?
    • cystotomy
    • temporary tube cystotomy
    • marsupialization of the bladder
  15. In a tube cystotomy what is an important step to ensure urine drains well?
    wrap omentum around catheter so urine has a path to drain until the bladder heals
  16. What are the 3 criteria for selecting bulls to be used in estrus detection?
    • 1. young
    • 2. sexually aggressive
    • 3. easy for humans to handle
  17. A bull to be used for estrus detection must be prepared how?
    bull must be made infertile and to prevent intromission
  18. What are the ways we can make an estrus detection bull infertile?
    • 1. epididymectomy
    • 2. vasectomy
  19. How to we prevent intromission on a bull used for estrus detection?
    • 1. produce artificial thrombus in the CCP
    • 2. penis tie-down
    • 3. penectomy
    • 4. prepucial pouch
    • 5. penile translocation
  20. The preputial puch technique should not be used in what type of bulls?
    dont use on a bull with a pendulous sheath
  21. Bulls used for estrus detection that have had a penile translocation can be used for how long?
    can be used as a marker bull for several years (longer than the other methods!) =)
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LA Sx, Q3, X
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