LA Sx, Q3, IX

  1. How is the anatomy of Bos Indicus bulls different?
    • larger penis
    • lerger pendulous prepuce
  2. How is the testicle oriented in a bull?
    • vertically
    • in scrotum: head of epididymus is dorsal and tail is ventral
  3. The artery of the penis is a branch of what larger artery?
    internal pudendal
  4. Where does teh retractor penis muscles attach?
    attach ventrolaterally at distal bend of sigmoid flexure
  5. What is unique about boar pig anatomy?
    • -penis has sigmoid flexure
    • -counter clockwise rotation of penis in coitus/corkscrew shape
    • -large preputial diverticulum (smells)
    • tesicle sits like a cats- tail os epididymus is dorsal/caudal and head is ventral/cranial
  6. What is the main source of innervation to the penis?
    pudendal nerve (motor and sensory)
  7. T or F: Urethral diverticulum is present in all ruminants and in swine?
    True- makes catheterization difficult
  8. What has haired skin- the sheath or the prepuce?
    sheath = haired skin
  9. Preputial orifice has long tactile hairs at the end for what?
    • to help urine run off when urinating
    • (male horses dont have this!)
  10. What is a persistent frenulum?
    • congenital
    • penis is attached to prepuce
    • prevents extension of penis
  11. Why can we use a towel clamp to pull penis our of preputial orifice and the bull is okay with that?
    not much pain sensation to glans penis
  12. Where is a hair ring located usually?
    just proximal to preputial ring/ caudal to glans penis
  13. How does a bull usually get a penile papilloma?
    1-3 yr old bulls housed together ride each other, penis gets cut/traumatized, virus spreads from cutaneous papillomas
  14. What are 2 ways to manage a penile papilloma?
    • 1. commercial or autogenous wart vaccine (sometimes works)
    • 2. surgery (best)
  15. What is a penile hematoma?
    • mild external trauma to penis
    • "slight hematoma"
    • superficial vessels damaged only
  16. What is a hematoma of the penis (not the same as penile hematoma)?
    • broken penis
    • rupture of tunica albuginea from violent breeding
  17. Where is the most likely place for the tunica albuginea to rupture in a hematoma of the penis?
    • distal bend of sigmoid flexure
    • (b/c weakest here)
  18. Why would a bull with a hematoma of the penis be slaughtered?
    bull cant be used in current breeding season- so calving season is ruined for farmer esp if only one calving season used
  19. What is the chances of return to breeding soundness with sexual rest (conservative mngt) vs surgical mgmt?
    • conservative/sexual rest= 50% chance breeding sound
    • surgical= 80% chance
  20. Ruminants should always be restrained in what recumbancy and why?
    • right lateral
    • because production of ruminal gas
  21. Why must we put a bull with hematoma of the penis on antibiotics?
    bacteria love to live in hematomas- infection very possible
  22. What type of suture pattern is used to close the tunica albuginea?
    • boot lace suture pattern
    • absorbable/braided
  23. What is a normal post-op complication with a hematoma of the penis?
    • seroma
    • forms and resolves in 10 days
  24. What is a complication from surgery of a hematoma of the penis that will leave the bull unable to breed?
    • vascular shunts between Corpus cavernosum penis and vessels
    • erection cant happen
    • cant do much about it either =/
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LA Sx, Q3, IX
LA Sx, Q3, IX