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  1. List four healthy eating guidelines.
    • Reduce intake of fat
    • Reduce intake of sugar
    • Reduce intake of salt, food pyramid
    • Increase intake of fibre (fruit, vegetables)
  2. Name two sources of iron in the diet
    • Red meat
    • Brown bread
  3. Give one example of bread or cakes that can be made using each of the following methods of bread making.
    (i) rubbing in.
    (ii) whisking.
    • (i) rubbing in; brown bread.
    • (ii) whisking; Sponge cake.
  4. Name three types of milk available.
    • Whole milk
    • Fortified milk
    • Condensed milk
  5. Explain the folowing terms used in relation to food preparation.
    (i) batter
    (ii) accompaniment
    • (i) Batter; a mixture consisting of flour, eggs and milk.
    • (ii) Accompaniment; It is  food that is served with another food.
  6. List three pieces of information found on a reciept.
    • The date
    • Products and prices
    • Pleasant message
  7. Write down the correct answer.
    (i) Specialist shops usually sell only one type of product
    (ii) Customer loyalty cards gather information about likes and dislikes
    (iii) The national consumer agency provides on-line shopping
    (i) Specialist shops usually sell only one type of product
  8. Suggest two methods of advertising.
    • Tv and radio
    • Billboards
  9. What information does this symbol give to the consumer?
    Image Upload 1
    An earth wire is not used as it is doubly insulated.
  10. Explain the following terms;
    (i) loss leaders
    (ii) own brands
    • (i) Are goods sold off cheaply in order to attract customers into a shop.
    • (ii) They are used on products that are sold under the particular name of a supermarket
  11. Give the function of each of the following hygiene products.
    (i) Antiperspirant
    (ii) dental floss
    • (i) It helps to prevent perspiration
    • (ii) It helps to remove food from between teeth
  12. Tick whether each of the following statements is true or false
    (i) The skin is an excretory organ
    (ii) Avoiding high sugar snacks and drinks can help prevent teeth and gum disease
    (iii) Peer pressure means haing a high self-esteem
    • (i) T
    • (ii) T
    • (ii) F
  13. Give two possible reasons for stress in a teenagers life.
    • Accept any correct reason that can cause emotional or physical strain in a teenagers life caused by anxiety.
    • Exams coming up.
  14. Suggest two ways of saving energy in the home.
    • Turn down thermostat on heating system
    • Switch off lights
  15. What information does this symbol give to the consumer?Image Upload 2
    The substance is harmful and irritant
  16. Explain what is meant by water pollution.
    It is caused by non-toxic organic matter, sewage, slurry, oil spills being discharged into the environment causing illness, bad smells and dead fish
  17. What factors influence people's choice of clothes?
    Function, fit, cost, style, durability, etc.
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