1. Direct Script
    • Hi, is Mr. / Mrs. _____________
    • in ?

    • Hi, Mr./Mrs.__________ my name is Joe
    • Metcalf from CT Homes…and the reason for stopping by today is because according to courthouse records you may be having a problem with your mortgage company and our company specializes in helping people solve these types of problems. Our company does refinancing,debt consolidation, mortgage workouts, and we also purchase
    • properties for cash. What I do is set up appointments for my boss who will go through all your options with you. What time will you be around later today or tomorrow?
  2. Indirect Script
    • Hi, is Mr./ Mrs. _____________ in?
    • Hi, Mr./Mrs.________ my name is Joe Metcalf from CT Homes. We are a real estate solutions company that does home refinancing, mortgage workouts, and can purchase properties for cash in the ___________area and I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time?
    • Great, well let me tell you a little bit about the process…what my boss does is gather information about the situation and present you with a few different options depending on your needs. What I do is set up appointments for my boss who will be happy to speak with you about some possible solutions
    These are the typical responses you'll get.
  4. Ok, so you have taken care of the
    • Yes
    • Great, because I am in the business of helping people who have mortgage problems, let me ask you this…how did you take care of the problem?
    • -Their Response
    • Great, well let me give you this general packet about our company just in case you ever need our assistance. Also, what is your phone number because sometimes things don’t always work out as planned and what we do is follow up to make sure everything worked out the way you hoped?
    • -Their Response
    • Great, my boss will follow up with you in a few weeks just to make sure that you have the problem worked out…have a nice day!
    • (Always keep them talking and get to their #1 concern)
  5. Common Door Knocking
    These are the Common Door Knocking Objections
  6. I am not interested:
    Well…I respect your decision, however according to our records the mortgage is still behind and we can help you solve this problem.
  7. There is no problem here:
    Ok…have you ever had a problem with your mortgage company?
  8. I am just a tenant:
    Ok…what is the phone number of the landlord? We are trying to reach them to give them some valuable information.
  9. How did you get my information?
    Mr. ______ our company gets all the information from the public records at the county courthouse. What we do is reach out to people in similar situations to yours to tell them about our services and how we can help them. I am sure it is at least worth your time to hear how we can help you…isn’t it?
  10. I find it hard to believe you can get records of the information:
    Well I am a sure you have already gotten a packet from the court and all lis-pendens filings are recorded down at the country courthouse. Let me ask you this…have you considered refinancing or working something out with your mortgage company?
  11. I have already taken care of the problem:
    Great, Mr. ________ let me ask you this…we are in the business of helping people in similar situations to yours and are always interested in seeing how other people solved their financing problems…how did you clear the issue up?
  12. Mr. ________ is not home? (Children
    answer the door)
    Ok. I stopped by to drop this off for him. Can you make sure he gets this packet? Also, do you have a phone number I can reach him at so I can call him and let him know I dropped the packet off?
  13. Mr. ________ is not home? (Wife answers the door)
    • Ok. Are you Mrs. ___________? Well the reason I stopped by today was because my boss saw that you may be having a pending problem with your mortgage company and our company helps homeowners solve these types of problems…and was wondering if
    • I could set up a time for you
  14. My spouse is need to talk to them: you have a phone number so we can reach him or her? Great, are you also on title to the house because what I think it is best if we set up an appointment so my boss can speak with you and your husband…
  15. I’m going to list my house with a
    I understand that decision…however, we both know that you do not have enough time to deal with a Realtor because of your time constraints of the foreclosure process. However, the best thing you can do is set up an appointment to talkwith my boss…
  16. I do have the time to list my house?
    • Great, however do
    • you realize that it will take a Realtor at least a month to get a
    • contract on the property, another month or two for the buyer to get
    • qualified for their financing…if they can even get financing…and
    • by that time the auction date will have passed. Let me ask you
    • this…can you afford to not deal with a company like ours that can
    • close in a matter of days?
  17. am going to just declare bankruptcy
    so I can stay in the house?
    • Well, I know bankruptcy is only a
    • temporary solution, however do you realize that bankruptcy does not
    • work for 95% of people because it does not get rid of the debt and
    • you actually will owe more money once the bankruptcy is over? Let me
    • set up an appointment with my boss and he can tell you more about it…
  18. I am going to declare chapter 7 to
    get rid of all of my debts? 
    • Ok, do you realize that this means you
    • will have to sell your house anyway to pay off creditors and why not
    • save your credit and sell your house now to avoid dinging your
    • credit?
  19. My mortgage broker said he is going
    to be able to refinance my loan?
    • Great…did your mortgage broker
    • pre-approve you or have you actually received the loan commitment
    • from the actual bank?

    -No or Yes

    • Well…unfortunately
    • I am brutally honest with all of my clients because that is always in
    • their best interest…and in this case I know all mortgage brokers
    • give out pre-approvals to anyone who applies and later on when they
    • run your credit they find out that they can’t do the loan, but
    • meanwhile the sale date passes and you lose your home while you wait
    • for them to act and that isn’t what you want is it? We work
    • directly with the three best foreclosure bailout lenders in the
    • country and you should at least explore this option with us because
    • we specialize in these types of situations. The best thing to do is
    • set up an appointment with my boss to at least explore all of your
    • options.
  20. We are refinancing next week?
    • Great, however has
    • your mortgage broker told you the new amount of your monthly payment
    • yet?

    • -No or Yes
    • Because the reason
    • people fall behind is because their payment is too high and when you
    • refinance out of foreclosure…if it actually happens…they payment
    • is always higher…can you afford to make such an overbearing
    • payment? The best thing to do is set up an appointment with my boss
    • to at least explore all of your options.  
  21. I am not going to let you just take
    my house?
    • We would never take your house…we
    • always offer a fair price based on the condition and the area the
    • property is in, let me ask you this…what would you consider to be a
    • fair price if we could offer you cash and close in a week?
  22. I am sick and tired of dealing with
    people like you?
    • I can understand this, however let me
    • ask you this why haven’t you dealt with any of them or the problem
    • yet?
  23. I have had several offers from other
    people for more money than you are offering?
    • Great…let me ask you this…do you
    • know 100% for sure that your buyer has the financially capability to
    • buy within a week like we do because I would hate to see this drag
    • out a couple of months only to find out that your buyer can’t
    • qualify, and I know you don’t want this do you?

    • -Yes or No
    • Let me ask you this…if I dropped off
    • a contract with a proof of funds showing you we can close in cash and
    • can close in a week it would be pretty appealing wouldn’t it?
  24. Another investor offered me so much
    • Great what is it about their offer that
    • you didn’t like and did you get any references from this investor
    • about past clients he has helped in last minute situations?
    • -No or Yes
    • Well, I have seen
    • too many investors make promises they can’t keep and then right
    • before closing they beat you down on the price because you don’t
    • have any other options and you wouldn’t want that to happen to
    • you…would you?

    • -No or Yes
    • Great, let me
    • provide you with a written offer, a deposit, and a list of clients
    • that you can contact of people that we have helped in your exact
    • situation before.  
  25. You are a little too aggressive for
    • You are exactly right…but I know the
    • people at your bank and mortgage company are exactly the same way…and
    • I know you will feel safe knowing that their is someone on your side
    • who will fight for you and be very assertive when dealing with these
    • people wouldn’t you agree?
  26. What can you do for me?
    • Well, first off our company does a wide
    • variety of things based on your individual situation. We can
    • purchase your property and or help you refinance if at all possible.
    • We can also help you rebuild your credit along with providing you a
    • long list of clients in your exact situation we have helped
    • before…let me ask you this…how far behind are you?
  27. How can I start rebuilding my
    • The first thing to do is to get this
    • problem solved as quickly as possible and get these back payments
    • paid off. It is our policy to work with all of our clients who are
    • in foreclosure get back on their feet after they sell us their house.
    • In fact, we have helped numerous people improve their credit and
    • qualify for one of our houses that we are selling in the area. We
    • sell a lot of homes on a rent to own situation to people just like
    • you who need to improve their credit, but also want to own a home and
    • that is ultimately what you want isn’t it?
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